Attack of the Insecticons is a multipath adventure in the Generation One continuity family.
Attack of the insecticons

Voyeurism of the Insecticons

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-345-34151-1
Writer: Lynn Beach
Illustrator William Schmidt (interior pencils and cover painting)
Pagecount: 74pp
Major characters:

Originally published by Ballantine Books under the Find Your Fate Junior imprint, 1986.


  • The Autobots determine that the Sun-Pak must be either recovered or destroyed by way of a raid on the nearby Decepticon headquarters.
  • Starscream captures Sparkplug for himself, and plots to use the Sun-Pak's power to overthrow Megatron. Blaster, Buster and Bumblebee play prominent roles.
  • The Autobots' retreat leads them into the Insecticons' nest, built into the same mountain. Beachcomber uses his geological skills to find a path through the caves to the surface.
  • The Insecticons steal the Sun-Pak for themselves. Shrapnel plans to use its power to overthrow Megatron. Buster and Mirage go after the Sun-Pak.


  • Attack of the Insecticons features a series of humiliating endings for Starscream; destroyed by Thundercracker when he tries to surrender, sent for reprogramming by Megatron, tricked into thinking he's an Autobot after he loses his memory.
  • The creation of the Sun-Pak would drastically alter the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, but in one ending Sparkplug suffers brain damage (faulty cerebro-shell?) and isn't able to remember how to re-create it. The result: a Portable laser-operated toothbrush! Perhaps this represents the "real" ending?
  • Decepticon headquarters in this book is on land, a short drive from Autobot headquarters. This is probably just a local base. (The Find Your Fate Junior books feature several local bases.)
  • This book features two different devices called electro-disrupters, with completely different effects. Additionally, Blaster's electro-scrambler is mentioned. None of these appear on the same story 'track,' but the combined effect is quite confusing.
  • The Autobots' decision to construct their secret test-track in the same mountain as the Insecticon nest appears to be a coincidence. (Not an annoying one, though, as that's presumably what led to Kickback learning of the Sun-Pak.)

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