Attack! Leozack is the third episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on April 04, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Jean's first day at school doesn't go smoothly, thanks to an attack headed by the Decepticon second-in-command Leozack and crewed by the Dinoforce!


As the sun sets over the ocean, the Decepticon Leozack swoops down through the orange sky and plunges into the surf below, where he boards the waiting Thunder Arrow. Meeting with Deathsaurus, he swears to end Star Saber's life as a gift to his emperor, and recruits the Dinoforce to aid him in his endeavour.

Elsewhere on Earth, the Autobots have set the Galaxy Shuttle down beside a lake and are in the midst of scanning the globe for Decepticon activity as part of their preparations for establishing a defense program for the planet. While the Brainmasters work at this, the Multiforce are busy goofing off playing volleyball with Jean and Holi. With the day growing long, the games are brought to an end as everyone recalls that Jean will be starting school the following day. Although Jean is a little concerned about interacting with humans—something that he has never really had to do before—Star Saber assures him that all will be fine.

The next day, at Jean's school-to-be, a young girl named Illumina talks with her friends Joyce and Clump about the new student arriving that day. The conversation is immediately replaced with stunned silence, however, as Star Saber comes soaring in overhead, and Holi, sirens blazing, rolls up and Jean hops out. The student body is thrilled at the sight of the two Autobots transforming to robot mode, though Jean is a bit embarrassed when Holi's leg gets stuck halfway and needs a good shake to pop it into shape. At this point, the school headmistress Mabel appears, and is sufficiently taken aback when Star Saber lifts her in his palms to speak to her more personably. As classes begin, Star Saber and Mabel complete the necessary paperwork, and Star Saber recounts the story of how the Dinoforce destroyed the spaceship containing Jean's scientist parents. Although his parents met their end, Jean was jettisoned in a capsule and recovered by Star Saber, and was then raised by the Autobots as the commander's surrogate son.

At the same time, Jean is proving to be a hot topic of discussion amongst the students. Unfortunately, this discussion is going on right in the middle of class, and despite warnings from the teacher, the whole class winds up hanging on Jean's every word as he explains the powers of the Brainmasters. Holi and Star Saber snoop in the window and are pleased to see that Jean is getting along well, but their attention is suddenly diverted by the blazing arrival of Leozack, who opens fire on Star Saber, and inadvertently, the school as well. Star Saber attempts to lead the Decepticon away from the school, but Leozack does not fall for the tactic and engages Star Saber with his Electromagnetic Nunchaku while Holi tangles with his Breast Animal. The situation worsens when the Dinoforce come crashing through the school gates, and Jean and his new friends are left unable to escape, trapped on the top of the school building. Clump immediately blames Jean for their misfortune, pointing out that the Decepticons would not have attacked if he had not brought the Autobots there, and the rest of the students start agreeing with him. Thankfully, Illumina and Headmistress Mabel make the children understand that Earth would be in danger from the Decepticons regardless of the Autobots' presence. Just then, the V-Star sets down on top of the school, and Star Saber instructs the children to pilot it to aid him in the battle.

Meanwhile, Holi has radioed the Galaxy Shuttle to summon backup, and the Brainmaster respond to the call with haste. They come roaring up the road to the school just as Star Saber fights off a Decepticon dog-pile, before they brand the Dinoforce as "small fish" much to the listening Gōryū's own short-temper, and in response to their team leader's rage at the Brainmasters' insult, the Dinoforce form Dinoking. But the Brainmasters have their own secret power... by strength, intelligence and skill combined, they merge into the mighty Road Caesar! As the two combiners tussle, Jean dispatches the Dinoforce's shells with the V-Star, then pilots the craft back to Star Saber, ejecting at the last minute so that the commander can combine with the V-Star into his super robot mode. Thusly powered up, Star Saber delivers critical damage to Leozack with his Saber Blade, just as Road Caesar topples Dinoking. Knowing they are beaten for now, the Decepticons retreat.

In the early evening, the Brainmasters work to repair the damage done to the school while Star Saber apologizes to Mabel for involving her and the students in the crisis. Mabel insists that no apology is necessary, and hopes that the Autobots will continue to fight for Earth's sake. Jean, meanwhile, is the subject of adulation again after his display of skill piloting the V-Star, and Clump apologizes for misjudging him. Holi rolls up and asks any of the students if they'd like to go for a drive, but he isn't expecting them all to pile on top of him at once!


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Continuity errors

  • So like, this Mars expedition, was it BEFORE or AFTER the Decepticons blew the planet up in Headmasters?

Miscellaneous trivia

Roadcaesar bumper

...Victory babies, they'll do the same for yoo-ooou!

  • This episode does not feature either of the two stock Victory title cards (one featuring Star Saber, the other Deathsaurus), opting for just white text on a black screen.
  • Not counting the preview in the last episode or the short un-narrated overview in this episode, this is the first appearance of the Brainmasters' Road Caesar combined form.
  • Star Saber chooses his medium-sized robot form, Saber, to interact with the headmistress in this episode, but it still creates problems which hightlight the strange use of the Brainmasters in the series. While their smaller robot forms are seen during their stock-animation transformations, they never use them anywhere else. If Star Saber had used his this episode there wouldn't have been the need to distress the headmistress by picking her up. He also might have been able to actually sign Jean's paperwork.
  • This episode features the first appearances of most of the scarcely-seen individual robot modes of the Multiforce, although aside from Wing, they only appear in still flashback images. Waver and Mach are the only two who don't appear in robot mode here, but they will be seen in later episodes; conversely, these scenes are the only appearances of robot-mode Dash and Tacker in the series.
  • The final commercial bumper in this episode, featuring Road Caesar, does not appear at any other time during the series.








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