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Sunstorm hits Galvatron levels of crazy. Ascension ends

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 > Issue #6
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Writer: James "Brad Mick" McDonough, Adam Patyk
Pencils: Don Figueroa
Inks: Elaine To
Colors: Espen Grundetjern
Letters: Ben Lee


Deep within Alaska...


In Dreamwave, Transformer religious fanatics are always on fire.

Bumblebee thinks a eulogy for the insane and now departed Sunstorm, whose power was matched by his insanity, but Bumblebee hasn't ruled out that Sunstorm might have been unbalanced, but not deluded. Currently Bumblebee has to worry about Starscream, pointing his null-ray right in Bumblebee's face.

In the war room of the Autobase on Cybertron, Prowl announces to his comrades that Earth is in potential danger, and over the objections of Mirage and Huffer, it's decided that a return trip is in order.

Inside of a mobile containment unit, Warpath wakes up beside Bumper and the still-deactivated bodies of the Autobots dragged from the bottom of a lake. As the two Autobots wonder about the mess they're in, their transport moves into a hidden underground establishment.

In Alaska, Cliffjumper and Omega Supreme are both worried about their Autobot comrades.

Inside the pit...
Starscream, still poised to finish off Bumblebee, gloats about what the departed Sunstorm has revealed, when suddenly—Sunstorm returns—pissed! Knocking away the blasphemous Starscream, Sunstorm turns his attention towards Bumblebee—whom the preacher claims to hold the favor of the Oracle. Sunstorm attempts to execute Bumblebee using his glowing touch, but the activation of this ability causes Sunstorm's wrists to explode—the power within Sunstorm no longer controllable. Blaming Starscream for his malfunction, Sunstorm unleashes his fire against his brother, who is saved only at the last moment by a dive from Jetfire.

Beyond any sense of rationality, Sunstorm announces his new goal—to burn the corruption of the planet out of the universe. A concerned Jetfire chases Sunstorm out of the cavern. And Starscream, hauling Bumblebee out as a means of paying back Jetfire for the earlier save, leaves the cavern as well.

While Starscream abandons Bumblebee on a beach, Jetfire and Sunstorm grapple at high altitudes. As Sunstorm deteriorates, Jetfire admits to himself that something within Sunstorm must be beyond science. Jetfire drags Sunstorm higher, until Sunstorm explodes magnificently. But thanks to Jetfire's sacrifice, the explosion is high enough so as to not harm anything or anyone on Earth.

Below, in the light of the detonation, Bumblebee abandons his blaster.


"I know you like to switch sides, but this is ridiculous!"

—Bumblebee to Starscream.

"You cannot thwart my destiny!"


"Sorry, Sunstorm.
I don't believe in destiny."


Items of note

  • By this issue, author Brad Mick had switched to his real name, James McDonough.
  • On Cybertron, one of the buildings reads "TFW2005", the name of a popular transformers fansite.
  • Inside one of the Iacon buildings are the Brainmasters.
  • The Autobase is in the shape of Fortress Maximus' sword, or at least the hilt and base of the sword, upside down.
  • Oracle light inside of Bumblebee? What's that about?
  • The "Wavelengths" page features an article from the desk of Alex Milne.
  • On the "Prime Transmissions" page, the winners of the MEGA-MEGATRON FAN-ART CONTEST are announced. Robert "Shumworld" Shum won first place with a picture integrating 19 different incarnations of Megatron into a single robot.


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