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This article is about the Kiss-Play character. For the publisher of the Armada-based Transformers PS2 game, see Atari, Inc..

Atari Hitotonari is a spineless jellyfish of a human in the Kiss Players continuity

Atari Hitotonari (人隣 当梨, Hitotonari Atari): She's submissive, passive, immature even for her young age, and not all that bright. What a positive female role model she is...for the Ferengi . Perhaps the only non-stereotypical facet of her personality is that she wears glasses without being especially intelligent.

Atari is, surprisingly, not so named as an analogy to her mental computing abilities. Her last name means 'girl next door', apparently. She likes to gorge herself on doughnuts and desserts.

Among Atari's other good qualities, she has joined an organization dedicated to eliminating the threat that Transformers pose to all on Earth. Well, actually, she didn't really "join" it as much as she was "sucked into" it, and then spat out...naked...and covered in goo. Ugh.

Atari becomes carsick very easily and must clutch the steering wheel to avoid complete nausea.

Personality & Character=[]


In the year 2005, Atari was one of many girls who suddenly developed Kiss Player abilities. The E.D.C. became aware of her powerful potential, but she would not come to join them until after her parents were killed in a Transformers-related incident. Suddenly orphaned, she was left despondent, alone and resentful toward giant robots.

Atari became depressed and self-destructive. As she spoke aloud about her nihilistic feelings one day, she encountered a menacing automobile with no driver. The vehicle offered to make good on her wish to die and transformed into a Legion robot.

The cowed and terrified girl was saved at the last moment by the sudden appearance of the Ne-04 Autrooper, fused with the E.D.C. Kiss Player Shao-Shao Li. However, Shao had reached the limit of her fusion time and was ejected, unconscious, from her partner. As the Legion loomed closer, the damaged Autrooper demanded that Atari kiss it. Characteristically, she complied, and the resulting fusion both repaired the Autrooper and allowed the two to messily decapitate their goo-drooling enemy. Initially consumed by battle lust, Atari regained her senses, threw up and passed out.

She awoke in an unfamiliar room in E.D.C. headquarters, apparently having been drafted into the organization in the meantime. Her new teammate, Ringo of Ne squad, informed her that she was a powerful Kiss Player, kissed her, and then bit her to "taste" Atari's abilities. It would be the first of many incidents of shame, pain and humiliation to come.

In one of her first assignments, Atari found herself and her squad assigned to guard the convoy that was transporting the dead body of Optimus Prime into Tokyo. The rookie Kiss Player was swiftly rendered helpless when her opponent, the resistance commando Marissa Faireborn, sliced her clothes off with a knife, fused with the resurrected Prime and ran away.


"Atariscream" may look triumphant now, but check out Starscream's side of the story.

Over the months that followed, Atari continued to live in the shadow of her Ne Squad predecessor, Shao-Shao. Publicly kissing her Autrooper partner (the same Ne-04) brought her nothing but embarrassment and discomfort, and she could not help but think that the veteran fighters on the team must be much better kissers than she was.

One day, less than six months after joining the E.D.C., Atari developed an excruciating stomach pain after eating an omelette. At her Autrooper's behest, she kissed him and he shrank to a tiny size. Driving into her mouth, he was able to defeat and destroy the Legion invader inside Atari's digestive tract. Unable to get back out on his own, the Autrooper made Atari stick her finger down her throat, resulting in yet more shame and humiliation for the young girl.

She also got possessed by Starscream once, but hey, that happens to everyone, really.

Kiss Players Position[]


Here, Atari models the very latest in elementary-school swimsuits, and also hamster ears.

In the wake of the final battle, Atari, Shao-Shao and Marissa formed a singing idol group called "Kiss Players" with the cassette Transformers Glit, Sundor and Rosanna. As they performed at the Brave Maximus Fortress stop of their world tour, the Sparkbots Stardust, Angela and Zangetsu appeared and instructed the three humans to kiss them. Complying, they were teleported to the Sherman Dam in the year 1985, just in time to witness an historic battle.

The Kiss Players traveled to various points in time and space, taking turns to kiss famous Autobot leaders (who were unable to detect their presence) and thereby extract fragments of the Allspark from their bodies. Atari briefly found herself bounced to the parallel universe of the Unicron Trilogy, but perhaps the greatest danger that faced the group came on the planet Quintessa.

Put on trial by the Quintessons, she kissed Star Dust and used the power of Moe to transform her costume into a Japanese elementary school bathing suit, student backpack, and hamster ears. Oddly, even calling the judge "Big Brother" and asking his permission to go to the potty was not enough to keep Atari and her friends out of the Sharkticon pit. But it all ended up okay in the end.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Kiss Players[]

  • Atari X Autorooper (2006)
Atari was released as a painted, pre-posed PVC figurine with a transformable Smallest Transformer Autrooper and an audio CD in the "Atari X Autorooper" figure collection in September, 2006. The figurine was sculpted by series designer Yūki Ōshima.
  • Autorooper X Atari (2006)
A smaller figurine to match the other two girls came with a 1:24 scale transforming Autrooper in the "Autorooper X Atari" set in December, 2006. It includes alternate arms holding a barf bag. No, really. There's even a little sculpted "uck" on her chin. (Well, we hope it's barf.)
  • Atari-scream (2007)
A redecoed version of the Atari figurine in a black uniform with a Decepticon insignia armband was an online-order exclusive from Dengeki Hobby magazine. Called "Atari-scream", it represents Atari as possessed by the ghost of Starscream. Oh, and no, her underwear are pulled up.


  • According to the series writer, Atari was originally going to be an elementary school student. However, Takara objected, pointing out that an elementary school student would not be legally eligible for a driver's license.
  • Yes, you read that correctly.