The asylum is a building in the live-action movie continuity family.

We gave up insanity EONS of your Earth years ago.

The unnamed asylum is a building in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is presumably an insane asylum, as Captain Archibald Witwicky's records were held there.

The building itself is a Greek Revival style structure, with brick walls and stone detailing. Sector 7 monitors it, and the area around it is heavily dampered to prevent Internet access.


Following a lead acquired from the Psychopathic Institute for the Long-Term Insane, Prime Directives issue 3 Bumblebee scanned Captain Witwicky's records from just outside the asylum, giving him a subsequent lead on Witwicky's descendant in Springfield, Missouri. This action was immediately detected by Sector 7 agents, who recognized the intrusion as the work of N.B.E.-2 and mobilized field units to intercept. Interlude

Note: This building should not be confused with the Psychopathic Institute for the Long-Term Insane, also in Baton Rouge, where Captain Witwicky was confined. Whether the asylum was a temporary home for Witwicky, or simply took possession of his records after the Psychopathic Institute closed down, is unknown. It would seem that Bumblebee's search at the Psychopathic Institute led him to the asylum, but the story never states this explicitly.


  • Why exactly would anyone bother to store records of patient that (presumably) died some time prior to World War II, after spending the last years of his life in a hospital that was apparently abandoned decades ago, in digitalized form that can be accessed via the internet?
  • It's possible that the Asylum is supposed to be St. Jude's Mental Asylum, a name used for the Psychopathic Institute for the Long-Term Insane in Transformers: Beginnings in a newly-added caption that was not present in Prime Directive issue 4. But that's pretty much pure speculation, since it's unknown who actually came up with the name "St. Jude's".
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