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This article is about the bounty hunter/pirate from Cybertron. For the Triple Changer from Generation One, see Astrotrain (G1).

Astrotrain is a Decepticon in a Timelines addition to the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Women be different from men. Word.

The Decepticons constructed Astrotrain as a troop transport, a mundane, thankless job that he was all too eager to abandon when Megatron vanished after the Unicron Battles. Now, Astrotrain is a cunning bounty hunter who lives in extravagant wealth, much of which he has used to upgrade his body into a formidable powerhouse. Despite his haughty cruelty (possibly due to residual bitterness which built up during his trooper transport years), he is extremely loyal to anyone under his command. Although he is ultimately in business only for himself, he does work from time to time with the space pirate Cannonball.

He also commands a small crew of Mini-Cons: his partner Starcatcher and the team of Astro-Hook, Astro-Line and Astro-Sinker.


Cybertron animated continuity

The Dark Heart of Sandokan

Shattered Expectations

The heroic Astrotrain (who apparently served as a means of conveyance for his teammates) and the rest of the Mayhem Suppression Squad assisted Starscream and Razorclaw against a trio of marauding Autobots. Shattered Expectations

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  • Astrotrain (Ultra, 2007)
    • Accessories: Electronic thruster-cannon, shield, 2 bombs

If this is the astro, then where's the train?

Astrotrain is a retooled Armada Jetfire, transforming into a Cybertronic space shuttle, in a gray and purple color scheme that is a (very) loose homage to Generation One Astrotrain. Since he is the Jetfire mold, he can also form the lower legs for Armada Optimus Prime's super mode. In shuttle mode, his Mini-Con partner Starcatcher can form his front landing gear.

"Overpriced? YOUR MOM was overpriced!"

Placing Mini-Cons on the Powerlinx points on his wings drops the bombs stored underneath. He retains the electronic lights and sounds in his main thruster/blaster-weapon from the Powerlinx Jetfire version, uncommon among such low-run collector exclusive toys.

Aside from Starcatcher, Astrotrain also comes with a redeco of the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team, named Astro-Hook (crane), Astro-Line (plane), and Astro-Sinker (submarine). In addition to the Mini-Cons, an exclusive illustrated text story featuring Astrotrain, set in the Cybertron series, was made available to club members online.
The toy was released in March 2007 as one of the first exclusives available for purchase to Transformers Collectors' Club members. Well, sorta technically the first. He ended up being available at the same time as the Club's exclusive Dawn of Future's Past Airazor toy, but Astrotrain was the first Club exclusive advertised. And that's also not counting the "free" club figures available with subscriptions but which were also available to those who subscribed late.


The COLORS, man... spacy...

  • Astrotrain was originally an unproduced Universe store exclusive named Spacewarp. At that stage, the toy would have kept the original head mold from Armada Jetfire. He was to come with a redeco of the Space Mini-Con Team as well. No retail chain ended up wanting to carry the exclusive, so Spacewarp was shelved. He was among several proposed exclusives that were ultimately put into retail limbo during the waning of the Universe line.
  • According to Fun Publications staffers, Astrotrain was chosen as their first exclusive specifically due to the clamor for the original Spacewarp. He would have kept the "Spacewarp" name, too, but Hasbro was unable to secure the trademark. FP chose to give the toy its new head.
  • Reportedly, Takara has insisted that all of the Armada-era Mini-Con molds were worn out and unusable following the Cybertron two-packs, hence the Space Mini-Con Team's replacement with the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team.

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