The Astroforce are a group of Decepticon drones in the Generation One continuity family.

Astroforce Assemble!

The Astroforce were a group of drones created by Astrotrain out of human trains. They managed to move forward without aid, but unfortunately were unable to grasp the concept of "Brakes" and "Stop!" and "That's a water main!". This was probably because Astrotrain modified them with parts out of a human Railroad Dispatch system (essentially a glorified LED display), which the Triple-changer believed to be 'the latest in computer controls'. Sure Astro, sure.

The Astroforce was presumably disbanded when all the members were washed away when they hit the aforementioned water main. Triple Takeover


And to think, this guy was the smart one.


  • They were slightly more than useless — they had no guns, running on tracks, dumber then a sack of hammers.
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