The Astro Blaster (アストロブラスター Asutoro Burasutā) is a weapon formed from the Arms Microns Magi, Dago, and Jigu. It is one of the many Super Combo Weapons in the Decepticon arsenal.



  • Silas Breakdown (Voyager, 2012-11-24)
    • Set ID Number: AM-24
  • Rumble, Frenzy (Deluxe, 2012-12-26)
    • Set ID Numbers: AM-30, AM-31
  • Dreadwing (Voyager, 2012-10-27)
    • Set ID Number: AM-22
The Astro Blaster is formed by Jigu (packaged with Dreadwing) as the main handle, Magi (packaged with Silas Breakdown) as the bipod, and either Dago (R) or Dago (F) (packaged with Rumble and Frenzy) as the cannon barrel.


  • Like the Star Saber and Cosmotector, the Astro Blaster is named after a Mini-Con weapon from Armada, namely the Space Mini-Con Team's weapon mode that was renamed the Requiem Blaster in English.
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