The asteroid bird alien is a creature in the Generation One continuity family.
Asteroid bird alien

I'm organic.

An unnamed alien creature encountered by the Transformers which was capable of flying in outer space and fired energy blasts from its tail.

The Constructicons were sent into space to begin mining operations on an unusual asteroid which was passing near Earth. The Autobots eventually sent Omega Supreme to disrupt their activities and destroy the asteroid. However, at the last moment, Teletraan I alerted Optimus Prime that the asteroid appeared to be organic. Prime attempted to contact Omega to warn him not to destroy the asteroid, as it was somehow alive, but Omega turned off his communicator and didn't receive the warning.

Asteroid bird alien firing

Not as cool as Zok.

During Omega Supreme's battle with the Constructicons, he threw a punch so mighty that he fractured the asteroid, splitting it right down the middle into two pieces. At this point the alien bird creature, which had been curled up inside the asteroid, was revealed. Nearly immediately it flew down towards Earth.

The bird ended up in San Francisco, where it began wreaking havoc. Among other things, it gnawed on the tip of the Transamerica Pyramid. A group of Autobots attempted to defend the city from the bird, but found it to be quite formidable. Eventually, Teletraan I's analysis revealed that the unusual ore of the asteroid was actually the creature's food, and that its aggressive behavior was likely brought on by hunger. Omega Supreme lured the bird back into space. It ate what remained of the asteroid, and then flew off to parts unknown. The Secret of Omega Supreme

In the episode, Teletraan-1 refers to it as "the Organism" which is the only other description of the creature.
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