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Assessor is a Recyclon from the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Assessor is probably the most independent member of the Reclamation crew. He can come up with unorthodox strategies, plot novel courses of action, and will even occasionally question Salvage's orders. He is very proud of his abilities, and often boasts about his sensor capacity.

Assessor is the smallest crew member, and possesses thin limbs and an expressionless face. His plating is painted in a gaudy green and yellow scheme, and he converts into a very powerful sensor array, as well as a component of the Prime Processing Unit.


Transformers Legends anthology

While scouring the galaxy for recyclables, Assessor alerted Salvage to a large junk deposit. That deposit turned out to be the fabled Planet of Junk. Converting to his sensor array mode, Assessor selected a landing site close to the largest power source on the planet. Salvage landed the Reclamation on the planet's surface, where Assessor combined with his comrades into the Prime Processing Unit. Before they could begin converting the junk to energy, however, an army of Junkions, commanded by Wreck-Gar erupted from the ground. In the brief skirmish that followed, Assessor escaped mostly unscathed, and helped Extractor carry Detonator aboard.

Back aboard the Reclamation, Assessor proposed using the Prime Processing Unit to process Junk from the safety of the ship. Despite the possibility of losing 75% of the potential energon yield in the process, Salvage readily agreed and headed to the planet's surface to distract the Junkions. Assessor once more combined with his comrades, but before the Prime Processing Unit could begin processing Junk, a tractor beam dragged the Reclamation into the planet's surface, reducing the ship - and Assessor - to junk. Collect and Save