Revenge is a dish best served cold...cold as the vacuum of space.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 242
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Marvel UK issues #242

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Andrew Wildman
Lettering: Stuart Bartlett
Cover: Jeff Anderson


Thunderwing begins his assault run on the Ark, striking the starship in both his vehicle modes at once. Admiring the sheer brazenness of the attack, Ruckus and his crew of forcibly-requisitioned soldiers follow Thunderwing's lead and storm the Ark and its crew. The Autobots are shocked by the audacity of the Decepticons here, but quickly recover and begin trading fire. As he faces down Optimus Prime himself, Thunderwing is blasted back by a trio of Autobot laser blasters. Ruckus then manages to convince him to make a full retreat, and Thunderwing finally fulfills the Decepticon High Council's request to appear before them. To his surprise, the Councillors are impressed by his displays of single-mindedness, ruthlessness, and fighting prowess. With their approval, Thunderwing is named the new leader of the Decepticons.


  • Thunderwing's rage stems from the incident in UK #231.

Items of note

  • Chronologically, this story predates UK #232-233 and #240, which all show or reference Thunderwing having already achieved Decepticon leadership.
  • Presumably, the Decepticon High Council operate on Cybertron like a sort of Congress, while Lord Thunderwing fulfills a role similar to president.
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