"Was Primus Cool?"
"Cool? As in cold to the touch?! Heaven's no! Primus is warm and full of life! Ha!"
―Vector Prime "answers" a fan's question.

Ask Vector Prime is a feature on Hasbro's official Transformers website, where humans can submit questions about Transformers. Based on unknown criteria, Vector Prime selects certain questions and answers them to the best of his ability.

The questions answered by Vector Prime vary widely in nature, but most concern the universe where the search for the Cyber Planet Keys took place, the toyline and cartoon in Hasbro's own universe which parallel said search, or Vector Prime himself. Unfortunately, updates are rare, and appear to have ceased entirely after Vector Prime became one with time itself.

Through the site, Vector Prime has revealed the existence of two Transformers who have not been seen in any other form: a female Alternator, apparently from his home universe, and a Mini-Con with a disco ball alternate mode. He has also mentioned that he has met both Alpha Trion and Alpha Q, that, "yes, she is a girl," that he considers Safeguard his best friend, and that he is aware of (and impressed by) the story of Beast Machines. Additionally, it was here that he stated that "I am not here to blend."

Ask Vector Prime occasionally provided important information not found anywhere else, such as the placement of the Cybertron cartoon as occurring ten years after the end of Energon, and confirmation that Cybertron Sideways was the same character as Armada Sideways.

Although Vector Prime seems to misunderstand questions from time to time, he has only once actually dodged a question: when asked about his weight, he simply said it depended on what planet he was on, and made no further comment on the subject.

In the Ask Vector Prime feature, Vector Prime is aware of Transformers as fiction and as a toy line such as in the Marvel UK letters pages, which were answered by Transformers who were even shown working in Marvel UK's office. There is precedent for characters from one universe being fictional characters in another, so it is unclear whether Vector Prime sees our world as another alternate timeline, or if he is simply aware of his status as a fictional character.

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