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Ascentor is a Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Ascentor is the only member of the Exploration Mini-Con Team to have maintained contact with the Mini-Con Council of Sages after the Unicron Battles. Although Earth's Moon —where the Exploration Team reside— and the moons of Cybertron —where the council is based— are light-years apart, Ascentor maintains a steady back-and-forth with them, discussing philosophy and the council's course of actions, which makes him appear very distant and distracted.

Normally, this would mean big trouble for him, since the Lunar Assault Mini-Con Team's Payload spends most of his time setting traps for Ascentor, hoping to prove he can out-think his quarry rather than simply pummel him physically. But Ascentor's motor-control systems have become almost subconscious, practically giving him a "sixth sense", enabling him to avoid traps without even thinking about it.


Fun Publications Cybertron comic

Ascentor appears, oddly enough, as one of the rebel Mini-Cons in the big asteroid field battle. Whoops.



CYB ascentor withalt

Most. Unfortunate. Powerlinx point. ever.

  • Payload vs. Ascentor (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2005)
A redeco of Dualor, Ascentor transforms into an anti-aircraft tank similar to a Gepard. He features a gear-wheel system that causes his tank-mode cannons to pom-pom back and forth when he is rolled in vehicle mode. He can also be attached to the underside of the Armada Cyclonus mold, interacting with the Decepticon’s gear-wheel rotor system. He was only available in a two-pack with Payload.
This mold was also used to make Repeater.


  • It appears that the Exploration Team and Lunar Assault Team were originally meant to use each other's mold-sets. However, there is no real indication as to which mold Ascentor would have used had this plan continued.

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