Artemis is an android in the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I wonder if she jingles when she walks.

Artemis is an gynoid stationed on the moon of Gaea alongside her partner, Moon. Artemis' job is to observe the war between Lio Convoy's Maximals and Galvatron's Predacons, gathering all the information she can. She is very flakey and ill-tempered, and occasionally takes her frustrations out on Moon with a big mallet.

She has a disturbing crush on both Scuba and Starscream, not quite sure which one she likes better.


Cartoon continuity

Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actress: Chieko Higuchi

From the beginning, Artemis and Moon watched over the Beast Wars on Gaea from their lunar sanctuary. At the end of each episode, Artemis would relate the information gathered from the episode, as well as the episode's "lesson" (and knowing is half the battle!) to the audience. She was rivals (from a distance) with the Seacon Scylla, who was also in love with Scuba.

Fighting with Moon by moonlight, losing at love by daylight.

In an out-of-continuity clip show where the characters interacted, Scuba and Starscream were pitted against each other in battle. Before finishing the battle they learned that the winner had to go on a date with Artemis. Rather then succumb to that fate, both enemies chose to end the match in a truce. Artemis took it in stride.

When Gaea came under immediate threat from Galvatron's Nemesis spacecraft, Artemis used all her power to help the Maximals. She and Moon finally made direct contact with the Transformers and helped them escape Gaea and reach the Nemesis. In the final battle, her moonbase was obliterated, though she and Moon survived.

Beast Wars Neo cartoon

After Unicron's defeat at the hands of Big Convoy, and the formation of an alliance between the Maximals and Predacons, Artemis and Moon somehow travelled to Cybertron.

After the summer festival, they'll play a keen game of shogi.

As Big Convoy and Magmatron's forces had one last brawl for old times' sake behind them, the Gaea androids participated in a giant cross-faction party under beautiful cherry blossoms. They shared a drink (tea? sake? oil?) with Bazooka, Crazybolt and Sharp Edge, while Apache and Cohrada slept peacefully nearby (possibly drunk).


  • Artemis and Moon are based on a Chinese legend about a lady and a Hindu legend about a rabbit who both live on Earth's Moon.
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