It's worth noting that this didn't even scratch Beast Wars Megatron, its target.

The Arsenal Force is a weapon of immense power formed completely from solitarium. It is highly sought after by Starscream.


Robot Masters online mini-comics

Starscream combined the various known solitarium weapons to create the powerful Arsenal Force, which he then used in an attempt to obliterate the new t-rex Megatron who had taken command in the absence of the original Megatron.

Despite its power, it failed spectacularly, and Starscream got blasted but good for his attempted coup.


Robot Masters


Defeat your enemies with a refreshing mint flavor.

The Arsenal Force is formed from the four solitarium weapons included with the first wave of Robot Masters Decepticons.

100 sets of special clear-red versions of the Arsenal Force weapons were made available as a contest prize (along with red versions of the three Autobot guns), as second place in the same contest where Cybertron Base was first prize.

Also, each of the mail-away "Limited Black Version" Robot Masters toys came with a chrome-gold version of one of the four weapons.

Two further solitarium weapons were released with later toys. They were never shown to have a definite combination with the existing Arsenal Force, or even with each other, but all six can be combined into a single weapon with some ingenuity.


  • It has been speculated that the new-mold Robot Masters weapons are actually unused accessories from the Takara "LED Powers" Microman series, which was abruptly cancelled in late 2000. The last section of the line included transparent plastic weapons that could be combined to form armor or larger weapons for the individual Microman figures. The handle size is also identical between the solitarium parts and the "Shining Tector" Microman weapons.
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