This arrogant Autobot officer is an Autobot from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Arrogant Autobot

Prick or Jerk?

An arrogant Autobot officer was the platoon commander of Hot Shot's military unit during the earlier years of the war on Cybertron.

Japanese name: Cybertron (Autobot) Soldier


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Brian Dobson (US), Shimizu Toshitaka (Japan)
Arrogant Autobot punch

Respect my authori-tah!

During a major battle, Wheeljack had become trapped under some rubble in the middle of an inferno. Hot Shot could not free his friend, and left, promising to return with help.

However, Hot Shot's unit commander and his subordinate refused to help Wheeljack, saying that the flames were too hot to enter. Hot Shot objected and attempted to run back in, only to be obstructed by his fellow soldier and struck down by his officer. The officer cited that they could not risk the unit to save only one 'bot.

Hot Shot eventually got up, and despite the warnings of a court-martial, raced back into the flames hoping to save his friend. Past, Part 1

Later, the Autobot officer showed up in the modern era with his subordinate, only to be gunned down by Decepticons.

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Christmas Maximus.

Autobot Commander

This officer's own superior is a large, powerful-looking robot. It was he who suggested that Hot Shot take the rookie Wheeljack under his wing - a suggestion that ultimately ended in a tragedy which would come back to haunt Hot Shot years later.

For further information, see: Christmas Maximus



We thought your friend died in the flames, turns out you're the one he blames!

The officer's subordinate does not question his orders. His voice is gruff, and he doesn't rhyme, despite looking like a buff Wheelie *shudder*.


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