This article is about the freakish alien child from the original cartoon. For the freakish current head of the Transformers brand, see Aaron Archer.

Aron is an alien from the Generation One continuity family.

Sooooomewherrrre out therrrrre...

Aron is a young boy of a species which is exponentially larger than an average Transformer, putting them at a relative size that makes them look like toys. He enjoys building sets, his father's telescope, and a toy rocket ship that is able to fly about his room. He also has three pets: his "cat" Nitro, a "hamster," and a fish, along with some interesting potted plants.

Being a young boy, Aron has to deal with common problems of adolescence, from bullies to overprotective parents to authorities trying to dissect his robot friends. Being very bright, he manages to the best of his abilities.

It is unknown whether Aron will evolve into Lairon at level 32.


Cartoon continuity

One day, Aron walked into his room and was surprised to find a bunch of "living toys"--actually, the Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Inferno, Smokescreen, and Perceptor, and the Decepticons Ravage, Starscream, Thrust, and Soundwave, who had been transported there by a space bridge malfunction. The Decepticons did not respond well to him, and Starscream set fire to his building set by firing on the Autobots, who were hiding in a building Aron had created. Inferno promptly put out the fire, cementing Aron's friendship with the Autobots.

Aron's parents, however, were concerned when Aron showed them the Decepticons (once again, trigger happy Starscream thought firing his gun was a good idea and the other Decepticons also responded in kind.) Being parents, they insisted that Aron bring all the robots to the authorities. When said authorities proceeded to take out tools with which to dissect the "aliens," Aron grabbed the box containing the Autobots and fled, leaving the Decepticons to fend for themselves.

Aron managed to escape from his parents, the authorities and a bully. In the process, he left the Autobots at a sewer grate and instructed them to meet him at his home in order to throw off the authorities.

After a run-in with the Decepticons in the sewer, the Autobots made it back to Aron's home (with a little help from Nitro.) Using Aron's father's telescope, a light beam, and a feed from some energon cubes, Perceptor rigged up a light bridge which the Autobots could use to get home. Before they could leave, the Decepticons arrived, taking Bumblebee hostage and threatening to harm him if they were not allowed to use the light bridge. At the last moment, Nitro snatched Bumblebee from them, and the Decepticons were shot back to Earth.

All hope appeared to be lost until Aron remembered his toy rocket ship, which was able to fly around his room. Once again, Perceptor used what was on hand and reworked the rocket's operating system, and the Autobots began their flight back to Earth. Child's Play


  • Aron, and the other beings of Aron's planet, might present some scale issues with Unicron.
  • This episode has bad issues with the animation. When Aron gives the energon cubes to the Autobots, his entire head and left arm suddenly disappear.
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