The logo stating "Arms Micron Theater" in Japanese.

Arms Micron Theater (アームズマイクロン劇場 Arms Micron Gekijō) was one of two supplemental segments added to the Japanese version of the Transformers: Prime cartoon. Arms Micron Theater was directed by Akira Hamada, organized by Shinjurō Yuri, and animated by HiWaPlus.

The main purpose was to promote the Arms Microns available with Japanese Prime toys. Each segment was a roughly-minute-or-so CGI-animated micro-adventure, taking place in the Microns' studio/living room in Tokyo. Virtually all of the Microns talk, including the animal-form Decepticon Microns, who hang out there with no real conflict with the Autobots.

For the first five episodes, Arms Micron Theater was the final segment before the closing credits. In episode 6, it moved to before Cybertron Satellite and remained there until the end of the show.

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