Cybertron's famous Armornecking Incident was the incident in which Getaway first started to become famous for his cool head in hot situations. Getaway was leading a patrol on the Titanium Turnpike when they slowed down to watch a traffic accident (an activity known as "armornecking" for Cybertronians). However, the accident had all been engineered by a troop of Decepticons to give them time to stage an attack on the Autobots. The Autobots were swiftly and efficiently disabled. Yet Getaway, even with his tires blown out, headlights disabled, and without the use of his shotgun, led the team of Autobots in a swift and clever retreat to the Polyhex Toll Plaza. They paid their tolls and passed through, but the Decepticons were not so lucky. Getaway had purposely led the Decepticons here, knowing they would not pay their tolls. The attackers were disarmed by the gate's security system, giving the Autobots the upper hand they needed to accomplish the mission and providing Getaway his well-deserved reputation.

It also sounds real dirty.

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