"An invasion? Of Altihex? And it started here, during this show? Not funny."
―Armorhide muses on his last performance.

All Armorhide ever wanted to do was make people laugh. His ability to do so eventually netted him a cushy job as the headlining comedian at the Altihex Casino. Always a crowd-pleaser, he's happy to have a job that allows him to get his fellow robots' minds off the cares of the world.He can't abide hecklers though. Few things scarier than an angry comedian with a rocket launcher.


Transformers: Exodus

Armorhide was in the middle of his biggest night; Sentinel Prime himself was in the audience, but the jokes just weren't firing, and the crowd was apprehensive. After all, this was Sentinel Prime in the audience. But as Armorhide was joking about his last joke bombing, Sentinel laughed... and then all hell broke loose as a squad of "Decepticons" tore through the outer hull of the orbiting casino, right into the Great Hall where Armorhide was performing.Armorhide was actually the last bot in the hall, surviving the onslaught and refusing to leave the stage. But the interruption made him really, really angry. So angry he even took a potshot at the passing Starscream, Sentinel's trusted bodyguard, because the Seeker hadn't laughed at any of the jokes at all. Starscream paid the comedian no heed, however, and tore off through the hole in the hull back to the surface. Realizing that the Decepticons had numerous ground units among their number, requiring some kind of transport, Armorhide peered through the hole to see their abandoned shuttle still attached to the outer wall. After a brief internal argument about whether or not he should say anything out loud even though no-one could hear him even if anyone was there to hear him and whether or not he was the kind of bot to talk to himself (apparently he was), he crawled to the shuttle and headed for the surface in order to get word of the Casino's fall to somebody at Iacon.


  • Armorhide is clearly based on the Cybertron Autobot Armorhide, who is himself a comedian with a temper. Though no physical description of this Armorhide is ever given, so we don't know if he turns into some kind of truck. Probably.
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