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Armorhide is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.


Armorhide figures that the only way to beat the Decepticons is to beat them at their own game. So he's extremely nasty, underhanded, and ruthless to the point of murderous in combat. This puts him at odds with his teammates and earns him reprimands from Optimus Prime, but frankly Prime can stuff it in his reactor linkage as far as Armorhide is concerned.


Titan Magazines

In an alternate reality where the Decepticons conquered Earth, Armorhide is part of the Autobot reinforcements. He's quite gung-ho about it, pointing out how the planet is doomed "unless we do something about it!" to Arcee - even though she already bloody knows this. Transformers Comic issue 9 When Starscream attacked, Armorhide declared he'd draw the Decepticon's fire, as he could take more punishment than the others - shockingly, this didn't work against a foe that can fly really fast. Armorhide joined his comrades in heading for Earth to make a last-ditch stand. Transformers Comic issue 11

He hates sentry duty, and is also rubbish at it. Transformers Comic issue 14

In one engagement to protect human infrastructure, he worked with Bumblebee and Arcee to protect an Alaskan oil pipeline from Payloads. Bumblebee gave the orders and that order was to hold position, so naturally Armorhide transformed into truck mode and rammed the drone forces. Transformers Comic issue 16

IDW comics continuity

Many years ago, Armorhide was a civilian during the reign of Protector Megatron and science division leader Optimus. This peaceful existence ended when a mysterious relic was discovered outside the temple of Simfur, and Megatron changed the military's mission of defending Cybertron to open conquest, Armorhide joined with Optimus Prime's new faction, the Autobots. He was hiding out at an Autobot facility when Ironhide arrived to offer his allegiance to Optimus. During the subsequent civil war, He was present when Optimus Prime revealed his plan to capture the All Spark, and due to the lack of space on the Ark, some Autobots would have to stay behind. Armorhide was among those who volunteered to stay. Defiance issue 4

Thousands of years later and shortly after the destruction of Megatron and the Cube on Earth, Armorhide part of a group of Autobots awaiting the order to move out and rescue fellow Autobots who had been captured by the Decepticons to build Starscream's new All Spark cube. With the return of Arcee, they moved out. When Dreadwing's forces betrayed Starscream at Simfur, Armorhide, Crosshairs. Clocker and Arcee created havoc by destroying the new All Spark cube and fighting the rebel Decepticon forces. Armorhide was pinned by Ramjet, and would have been killed if Crosshairs hadn't lopped the Decepticon's head off. He managed to escape with other Autobots when Dreadwing's starship came crashing down to Trypticon, destroying the once-magnificent Decepticon city. The Reign of Starscream #4 The Reign of Starscream #5

Through unknown means, he turned up on Earth and was captured and brainwashed by the Initiative into being one of their soldiers. His colours were bleached out and he was thrown at an Autobot/NEST team in the Initiative's final battle. Nefarious #5 He was taken in alive, and magically changed bodies mid-battle! Nefarious #6

Along with the other brainwashed Autobots, he was eager to return to battle but Optimus told them they still needed to recuperate after the mental trauma they'd suffered. Armorhide tried to refute this but accidentally proved Optimus wrong when he kept forgetting he was no longer on Cybertron and not talking to Sentinel Prime. Rising Storm #1 While Optimus and his team went to save Sam Witwicky from a Decepticon attack, Armorhide and the other refugees remained on Diego Garcia, nostalgically staring at pictures from Cybertron's past. In their docile state, they were found and killed by Shockwave. Rising Storm #3


  • Armorhide (Scout, 2007)
    • Accessories: Crane-cannon, Key
Part of the third wave of Target-exclusive Scouts, Armorhide is a redeco of the Cybertron series Armorhide toy, transforming into a semi tractor-trailer cab with hook-crane attachment. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into the back of his cab flips his grill down, exposing a rack of eight (non-firing) missiles. This feature is also available in his robot mode. Unlike most Cybertron-mold toys, Armorhide can store a Cyber Planet Key using tabs on his hook-crane/rifle. He came with a black-bordered Planet X-mold Key with the Sector Seven insignia stamped on it. His color scheme slightly resembles Armada Dead End.
This mold was also used to make Timelines Huffer. The toy is latter reassigned to Shattered Glass Huffer.
  • Armorhide (Deluxe, 2009)
    • Accessories:
As a redeco of the Landmine figure. Unlike Landmine, he does not have AllSpark Blue on him.

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Though his bio brands him as an Autobot, his "faction" marking is that of Sector Seven. It is possible that he is hiding out in the Sector Seven motor pool, maybe even as the cab for the Mobile Command Unit.
  • Even more interesting, his Cyber Key has a Decepticon symbol on its backside. So Armorhide is even more than meets the eye...spooky.
  • Armorhide's cardback claims his wrecker-arm-cannon has a spring-loaded projectile. It don't. Whoops.

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