The Armored Convoy is an Action Master vehicle in the Generation One continuity family.

It's a truck large enough to be driven by a truck-sized robot. Eep.

The Armored Convoy is a gigantic truck that Optimus Prime drives. The cab portion becomes an interceptor shuttle, while the trailer unfolds into into a battle station with communications and warfare capabilities.

It's armed with a photon cannon, heat-seeking "buzz bombs," a disintegration laser, and double-barreled "pom-pom" cannons. Sadly, it does not turn into a robot itself. That would be craaaazy recursive.

There are probably few Earth roads that it can fit on. Well, maybe in the city where "B.O.T." takes place.


Generation One

  • Armored Convoy with Optimus Prime (Action Master, 1990)
The largest of the Action Master toys, the Armored Convoy is a great big convoy, truckin' through the night. The cab unit can seat a single Action Master figure, and turns into a jet-craft with multiple weapon-mounting points.
The trailer unfolds into a large battle station with lots of weapon-mounting points. The rear spoiler-section of the trailer can seat two Action Master figures, while the other battlements and foot-pegs offer many places to station other figures. The central "engine" of the trailer has a pair of flip-out (non-firing) cannons.


  • The Armored Convoy mold was eventually released in Japan, as part of the Microman "LED Powers" line, in clear-green and white as the L-20 Micro Trailer with "Laser Secret Breast Pilot Edison" figure.

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