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The Armada toyline included a series of 4 mini-comics rolled out as the line progressed. Written and illustrated by Dreamwave, the mini-comics were printed back-to-back with a catalog featuring the current waves of Armada toys. None of them have any overt links to any other Armada fiction.

Volume 1

Armada minicomic 1

yUM YuM jAaM cOMiC

At the Autobot Base, Optimus Prime has detected Megatron's plan to drain power from the city. He sends Hot Shot to stop it, with Jolt as backup. Hot Shot leaves without Jolt, saying that he's the best at what he does and doesn't need help. At the powerplant, Hot Shot finds the energy draining device, but can't move it. Worse, Cyclonus and Crumplezone are there to stop him. Jolt, however, drops a device on Hot Shot, which gives him the strength to remove the energy draining device. Unfortunately, Hot Shot is driving across a bridge with a gap. Thinking fast, Jolt connects to Hot Shot, giving him an extra boost of speed. Hot Shot lets the energy draining device go, causing it to explode in Cyclonus's face. Hot Shot agrees that working with Jolt is a good idea, and agrees to be partners.

This book was redecoed into the JaAm comic.

Volume 2



We come into the story with Optimus at the Autobots' trusty bat-cave, talking on the bat-TV to Scavenger and Rollbar, who are building a satellite dish but calling it a satellite. Construction is going well, but then the Destruction Team arrive and attack Rollbar. Scavenger steps on one and intimidates the others in defense of his Mini-Con friend. Starscream pops up to blow the "satellite" to smithereens. Poor Starscream, though: He brought a plane to a bulldozer fight, and gets pushed off a cliff. Scavenger is all gloomy now because his "satellite" is ruined, but Rollbar reminds him that they can just build another one. They clink wrenches, and all is well.

Volume 3


Armada minicomic 3

The Air Defense Team take out a spying device implanted by the Decepticons and notice a Mini-Con distress signal. Thinking it's from Sparkplug, the trio rocket away to the signal's source, against Prime's orders. To Prime's shock, Sparkplug walks into the control room and says he's been getting his puny bod pimped up. The Air Defense Team find out the signal is bogus and are caught by the big G. Galvatron forces them to fuse and transform into the Dark Saber. Prime & Jetfire come and clobber Galvatron. Later, the Autobot combiners give the little bots a lecture on listening your brain and commander as well as your heart.

Volume 4

Armada minicomic 4

Battle of the armor-up characters!


Galvatron has been defeated and is being transported to an Autobot prison, escorted by Optimus Prime and Overload. However, being captured was actually Galvatron's master plan to destroy Optimus Prime without the other Autobots around to interfere! The Decepticon Tidal Wave frees Galvatron and fuses with him, becoming a robot powerful enough that even Overload's impressive firepower mode cannot stop it. However, before the battle can begin in earnest, the Mini-Con Ramjet cries out in horror for Galvatron to look up!
Unicron has arrived...


  • Overload appears to be a separate entity from Rollout here, chiming in his own opinions.

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