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Transformers: Armada was an ongoing comic published by Dreamwave Productions from 2002–2003. It ran for 18 issues before being changed over to the Energon book, which continued its story. Like its cartoon counterpart, it was a reboot of Transformers continuity, based around the new characters and premises of the Armada toyline. It is distinguished by a number of differences from its television counterpart, most notably that the Mini-Cons could actually speak, instead of merely emitting a series of beeps and boops, and many of them had distinct personalities as well.

Transformers: Armada issues:
(collected as Volume 1: First Contact)
(collected as Volume 2: Fortress)
(collected as Volume 3: Worlds Collide)


The story begins a million years ago on Cybertron, where reports are spreading of a secretive faction attacking Mini-Con villages and taking them hostage. The reports prove all too true, as the Mini-Con-empowered Decepticons soon attack and overwhelm the Autobots. Most of the Mini-Cons flee the planet, but the handful possessed by the Decepticons are enough to allow them to rule for many years. When word comes that the bulk of the Mini-Cons have been rediscovered, however, both factions head to a new world: Earth.

Armada showed a series of adventures on the Earth and the Moon from that point, many centering on the Mini-Cons' attempts to be treated as equals by their larger compatriots, until abruptly lurching into a Unicron-centered plotline for its last five issues. Though enthusiastically received by many fans, this move (likely mandated by Hasbro to promote its very large Unicron toy) was also criticized for disrupting what had been a fairly compelling character-driven storyline, replacing it with a rather rushed attempt at a world-spanning epic. (For comparison, the coming of Unicron was spread across fifteen issues in the original Generation One comic.)

Creative team

Armada begin its run written by Chris Sarracini with art by James Raiz. Beginning with issue 6, Simon Furman took over the writing duties for the remainder of the series and Pat Lee penciled for 2 issues. Guido Guidi took over as the main artist starting with issue 8 and continued until the end of the series, with the exception of the 4-issue Worlds Collide arc (issues #14–17), which was penciled by Don Figueroa.


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