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The Ark II is a ship in the Generation One continuity family.
Ark ii

The Ark II, continuing the proud tradition of making the Autobots insurance company violently cry.

The Ark II was a ship constructed through a joint effort between the Autobots and human governments, meant to transport the Autobots, their Decepticon prisoners, and a number of human researchers to Cybertron at the end of the war.


Dreamwave Generation One comics continuity

Following the defeat of the Decepticons during Operation: Liberation, the governments of Earth helped the Autobots construct a giant spacecraft named Ark II so the Autobots and their Decepticon prisoners could return home. In exchange for Earth's assistance, the Autobots offered to bring a small crew of humans, guaranteeing their complete freedom to roam Cybertron and study it as they deemed fit. Nicknamed as the Magnificent Seven, the humans were allowed to stay as long as they wanted and bring back any and all findings deemed 'useful' to the progression of humanity. They were touted as representing the dawning of a new age.

Tragically, on June 24th, 1999, the Ark II exploded minutes after liftoff, apparently killing all on board. The official explanation given was "mechanical failure". Prime Directive issue 1 In reality, the ship was sabotaged by General Robert Hallo, head of Military Development of the United States in his scheme with engineer Adam Rook to reprogram the stasis locked Transformers salvaged from the explosion and make them into weapons for the United States Military. Prime Directive issue 5

Shockwave later claimed he had a hand in the destruction of Ark II, but then, he was pretty much responsible for everything. War and Peace

Human crew

DWPrimeDirective1 Sparkplug newspaper

Nothing can possibli go wrong...possibly go wrong. Huh. That's the first thing that's ever gone wrong.

  • Mark Marsh (39), a mechanical engineer from New York
  • Akira Yashimura (42), a biologist from Tokyo
  • Rolf Myer (29), a chemist from Berlin
  • Linda Richards (33), a sociologist from from New York
  • Rudolph Vesic (62), an architect from Moscow
  • Henry Lanson (34), Professor of Religion at Oxford
  • "Sparkplug" Witwicky (55), a mechanic from Cleveland
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