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The Ark.

The Ark is a galactic transport specially created by Optimus Prime to serve as the ship that would carry the remaining Autobots away from their dying home.

"The Autobots have placed all of their hopes on a glorified cargo hauler."
―Megatron on the Ark.




War for Cybertron

The Ark is seen at the very end of the game after all the other galactic transports have left. It is in the final stages of its construction process and already sports its characteristic, and unique, gold coloration.

Fall of Cybertron

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The Ark sat in the ruined remains of the Autobot capital, Iacon. The Autobots' main goal was to prepare the Ark for launch by collecting as much Energon as they could in an attempt to leave their dying world.

As they are making their final preparations, the Decepticons make an all out push on the Ark and the Autobots are forced to use up some of their precious Energon reserves to fuel weapons in order to protect the Ark, which is being bombarded by three Decepticon Warp Cannons. With the Ark's shields about to fail, and the Decepticons swarming in from all directions, only the timely arrival of Metroplex is able to turn the tide and prevent the Ark from being destroyed.

When the Autobots' fail to retrieve the Energon from Shockwave's lab to fuel the Ark, Metroplex once again saved the Ark, this time by sacrificing his own energon to fuel the Ark. As the Ark lifts off, Metroplex utters his last words of encouragement "Till all are one."

As the Ark heads towards the Space Bridge portal to Earth it is intercepted and attacked by Megatron, now in command of the Nemesis. The Nemesis launches boarding cables and the Decepticon soldiers swarm in. With Soundwave spearheading the assault. Soundwave also manages to dissable the Ark's defensive batteries by destroying the ammunition stores. Jetfire manages to sever a few of the cables but is soon knocked out of the way by Bruticus. Once Bruticus lands on the hull, he proceeds to attack and destroy one of the fuel tanks. Only the combined efforts of Jazz and the Aerialbots stop Bruticus from damaging the rest of the ship.

As the Ark and the Nemesis hurdle towards the portal, Optimus and Megatron have one final battle on top of the damaged vessel's hull. Both ships make it through the portal before it closes and presumably crash on Earth.


  • Just as Trypticon becomes the Nemesis (the Decepticon counterpart to the Ark) Metroplex, Trypticon's arch enemy, becomes part of the Ark. However, in Metroplex's case, he willingly gives his own energon to power the Ark as opposed to being forcefully reformatted into the ship as was Trypticon's fate.

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