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Ark-32 is an Autobot starship in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Ark-32 is one of a fleet of numbered Autobot ships designated Ark. They are presumably named after the first legendary lost Ark. It is identical in outward appearance to Ark-27.


IDW comics continuity

On Optimus Prime's orders, Nightbeat rendezvoused with Ark-32 as it traveled to Earth. Spotlight: Nightbeat The ship delivered him, Hot Rod and Hardhead to Earth. Escalation issue 3

Optimus Prime later took Ark-32 to visit Omega Supreme in his deep-space asteroid home. Spotlight: Optimus Prime

The ship was returned to Earth after Prime and Omega's altercation with Monstructor. When Ark-19 was shot down in transit by Sixshot, Prime ordered all its data zipped and transmitted to Ark-32. Devastation issue 2.

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