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Ark-27 is an Autobot starship in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.

You know you've been in the hobby too long when you want this to form the fist of a robot made up of all the other Arks.

The Ark-27 is one of a fleet of numbered Autobot ships designated Ark. They are presumably named after the first legendary lost Ark. It is identical in outward appearance to Ark-32.

Its crew includes:


IDW comics continuity

A crew assembled aboard Ark-27 to transport Optimus Prime to Cybertron when a reprisal of Thunderwing's apocalyptic madness was feared. Stormbringer issue 1

After the danger was resolved, it took Optimus Prime to Earth to join the Infiltration unit there. Stormbringer issue 4

The ship's crew worked to recover Omega Supreme after his battle with Monstructor, though the ship itself was not seen. Spotlight: Optimus Prime

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