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Ark-12 is an Autobot starship in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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The Ark-12 is one of a fleet of numbered Autobot starships designated Ark. They are presumably named after the first legendary lost Ark.


IDW comics continuity

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Hound's crew used the Ark-12 to begin travel from Cybertron to Earth after Sideswipe requested a transfer from Optimus Prime to help search for his brother Sunstreaker. However, after the Garrus-9 break-in, they were diverted there instead, much to Sideswipe's chagrin. On the way, the ship was attacked by an angry Cyclonus and would have likely been destroyed, if not for the timely intervention of Ultra Magnus. The crew used the ship to track Cyclonus to Corata-Vaz. Spotlight: Cyclonus

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