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Area51 ext

In Dreamwave continuity, Area 51 is completely concealed and has no surface facility (unlike the real world.)

Area 51 is a secret government facility in the Generation One continuity family.

Area 51 is an American government research facility in Nevada, dedicated to reverse-engineering alien technology.

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Dreamwave Comics continuity

Area 51 is a concealed base in the Nevada desert accessed via a concealed elevator. Unlike the real world, there is no surface facility. It is staffed by teams of engineers and scientists capable of analyzing, repairing and reverse-engineering alien technology. It is a 'clean' facility, requiring biological decontamination to enter the primary areas, a guard against unwanted alien organisms.

Area 51 was built shortly after the Transformers arrival on Earth to serve as secret headquarters of Nathaniel Faireborn's newly-founded Earth Defense Command. The end result of the E.D.C's reverse-engineering was the short-lived Project: Centurion.

Scourge was taken to EDC Headquarters after his capture, as was Devastator and the remains of Superion.

Area 51 served as the production facility when Project: Centurion was restarted in 2004.

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

The Jugglers, a group of corrupt U.S. Generals, ordered Hawk to incapacitate their Autobot allies Wheeljack and Bumblebee and transport them to Area 51 for dissection. Hawk used an electromagnetic pulse to disable them, but ended up not taking them to area 51 because the tactical situation changed. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers issue 4

Note: Area 51's sister-facility Area 52 would play a larger role in later adventures in this universe.

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