Elsa: Let it go! Optimus and Arcee: Let what go? We're freezing our tailpipes over here queen!

The Arctic is a cold and harsh wasteland located on Earth.


While searching for a strange signal, Bumblebee and Bulkhead have uncovered a Cybertronian pod. Optimus and Arcee went to the Arctic to find more clues to the origin of their Arctic find. After a while of searching, Optimus and Arcee didn't find anything. Optimus tried to call Ratchet for a groundbridge back to base, but the signal couldn't pick up due to static in the comm-link signal. As they walked in the Arctic cold for a signal, Arcee fell and Optimus helped her up. Their core temperatures were reaching to their maximum point, which could have led them to possible death. 

As the pair looked for shelter, Optimus told Arcee to wake up and that they must remain alert in order to remain alive. Arcee suggested that they play a game called "who screwed things up back at base." Optimus stateed it could have been a simple malfunction, but Arcee said Bulkhead could have accidentally tripped over a cord. Optimus told her that one should not be measured by size alone. 

Just as they were near to their deaths, Arcee stated that they have survived Decepticons shooting at them but couldn't survive the Arctic's temperatures. Optimus began to make a speech about how they might become one with the Allspark, but was interrupted as Arcee reached up to hold his hand. They held hands and accepted their near demise. Luckily a groundbridge opened with Bulkhead coming through with scraplets. The scraplets frozed in the cold conditions. Bulkhead states to them that he would invite them in, but the base was a mess.

When Optimus reverted to Orion Pax, Arcee desperately searched the Nemesis to find Optimus. She was almost by Optimus's room when Soundwave came and bridged her off the Nemesis to the Arctic. There she raged out in anger. During the assault on Darkmount, Ultra Magnus successfully managed to get the Predacon into a trap via Groundbridge to the Arctic where it frozed.

Later on, however, the Predacon managed to escape from its frozen state and return to the Warship


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