Arctic map

1) Megatron crash-lands[1]
2) Mainframe's base

The Arctic, containing the North Pole, is the northern most region of Earth. Temperatures there are well below the freezing point of water and it is an extremely dangerous place for humans.

If you're a flying Transformer, there is a good chance you've crashed here at some point.


Generation One

Animated continuity

Years before the Great War, Starscream and Skyfire surveyed the Earth in a scientific expedition. During their survey, Skyfire crashed in the Arctic. Starscream searched for his friend for some time, but couldn't find him. Millions of years later, the Decepticons, while trying to drain Earth's core of heat energy, discovered Skyfire. He was convinced to join the Decepticons out of his friendship with Starscream, but later turned on them for their ways. All he got for his trouble was being reburied under the ice. Fire in the Sky

Later, the Autobots unburied Skyfire when they needed a ride to South America. They couldn't have done that sooner? Fire on the Mountain

Dreamwave continuity

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Movie continuity

Movie Prequel Comic

Questing after the All Spark, Megatron approached Earth, but hit a "radiation blind spot" in the planet's upper atmosphere, and lost track of the cube. He made his landing near the planet's north pole. Unfortunately, he landed on relatively thin ice, which quickly gave way under his weight and the heat from his atmospheric entry. The freezing water quickly sent his systems into a dormant state somewhat akin to stasis lock. Prime Directives issue 2


Thousands of years later, Archibald Amundsen Witwicky led the National Arctic Circle Expedition to chart the Arctic Circle. While there, he discovered Megatron, who subsequently burned the location of the All Spark into Witwicky's glasses. Transformers

Transformers: Autobots

The Arctic is one of the regions in gameplay. It is exclusive to this game. Four missions take precedence in this region: Follow That Convoy, Too Late, Bad Reception, and Winter Showdown.

In Follow That Convoy, Create-A-Bot must scan a Chopper and then protect a convoy from attacking Decepticons. (What is interesting to note is that in the rest of the game, you are revealed to humans when you shoot, and yet in this mission, you have to shoot to prevent being revealed. Hmmm...)

In Too Late, Ironhide must defeat six Decepticons, search a human base for clues about Megatron, and defeat six Decepticons (again). Then he retrieves the information and meets up with Create-A-Bot.

In Bad Reception, Create-A-Bot must stop Ironhide from over-exerting himself being destroyed by Decepticons and S7 turrets. Then, he must help Ironhide fend off Decepticons while transmitting file Project Ice-Man to Optimus Prime.

In Winter Showdown, Ironhide must beat the slag out of Starscream. Wow, Ironhide must be really beat.

Transformers: Decepticons

The Arctic is important enough to merit discussion! Yay!

It is mentioned in the end of Robots in Disguise, when Starscream warns his loyal apprentice not to chase after ghosts. Presumeably Starscream goes there himself.


Rise of the Chevy Autobots

Mainframe had a secret base in the arctic. Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots


  1. This location comes from the Transformers (Glu) game, it includes Witwicky's base camp, and the ice cave where Megatron had been found. Unfortunately this location is landlocked and cannot possibly be correct. The map used by the game shows the Greeland landmass... but not the ice sheet, which is probably the source of the boo-boo.

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