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Archibald Amundsen Witwicky is a human from the movie continuity family.

Archibald in the Artic

Captain Archibald Amundsen Witwicky[1] led the National Arctic Circle Expedition in 1897.

He basically went bonkers after Megatron burned out his eyes, and spent the rest of his life in an asylum. He died August 13, 1938.

Archy's descendant Sam Witwicky thinks he is lame, and wants to eBay his priceless heirlooms to buy a car.


IDW prequel comics

After his expedition, Witwicky was interviewed by two representatives of a group of weird people who were interested in his tales about a "devil man". The group managed to discredit Witwicky (no problem, as he was bonkers), and sent his effects to his family. Witwicky spent the rest of his life in the most politically incorrect asylum in Louisiana, raving about taglines yet to be written and movies yet to be produced. Transformers Movie Prequel volume 2

Transformers (2007) movie

Actor: William Morgan Sheppard (English) Hiroshi Arikawa (Japanese-language dub voice)

During the National Arctic Circle Expedition, Witwicky's ship became frozen in the water. As the crew chipped the ship free, he told his crew "no sacrifice, no victory!" (all the while standing and doing nothing to help). During the attempt, the dogs were attracted to a break in the ice, which Witwicky and a dog fell through. As he got his bearings, he came face to face with "a great discovery" which point said discovery used his navigational system to burn the coordinates of the All Spark into his glasses, which had the byproduct of rendering Witwicky blind and insane. Witwicky spent the rest of his life in psychiatric hospitals, drawing strange symbols and ranting about an Ice man.

110 years after his discovery, his descendant Sam Witwicky tried to raise money for a car by auctioning off his equipment, including his compass, his telescope, and (for some bizarre reason) his glasses. However, what ends up happening is him proving that Archibald had indeed seen something — Megatron.


Archibald's middle name is a reference to Roald Amundsen, the leader of the first successful expedition to the South Pole, and not Mitchell Amundsen the film's director of photography.


  1. Archibald's middle name 'Amundsen' is given in the Jr. novelization of the 2007 movie. The Iceman file stolen by Frenzy in the movie itself shows the name 'Capt. Witwicky, Amundsen'
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