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Archadis is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Wow. Michael Flatley just lost his job.

A haughty, preening snob, Archadis (アルカディス Arukadisu) is endlessly concerned with his looks. He's as proud of his plumage as he is of his impressive arsenal of weapons. He enjoys talking to his victims, lording his superiority over them.

And lots of psycho-sexual taunting. Don't forget the psycho-sexual taunting.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Ren Tamura (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo comic

Archadis was a Predacon hitman hired by Magmatron to kill the Maximals scaling the highest peak on Greengard for an Angolmois capsule. True to form, Archadis was a snob, marveling at how wonderful it was to fly, an ability that the Maximals lacked. With his ability of flight, Archadis possessed the advantage in battle; the Maximals were stuck in the middle of their climb and didn't use their weapons out of fear of avalanches. After pummeling the other Maximals, Archadis deduced that, as Stampy was the one holding the rope that the other Maximals were attached to, all he would have to do was attack the helpless bunny. Using his "Ancient Avian Blade of the Dragon World", Archadis prepared to kill the Maximal... after delivering some very creepy entendres about it "hurting a little at first" (no, really). However, Stampy, inspired by his memories of his mother, was able to jump onto and off the moon and somersault into Archadis, sending him blasting off and leaving his mask behind. Apparently, he didn't get the "million gold" reward. Leap High Towards Victory!!! Battle on the Mountain Peak!!!

IDW Beast Wars comics

Archadis was among the Angolmois infected crowd behind the Tako Tank. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars Neo

  • Archadis (Deluxe, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-36, VS-36
    • Accessories: 2 feather-bombs
Archadis transforms into an organic Archaeopteryx. His wings extend via spring-loaded triggers to drop feather-bombs, as well as reveal flip-out (non-firing) blasters. In robot mode, his right forearm has a pistol with a geared "quick-draw" action, activated by rotating his attached tail-shield. He was available both separately and in a two-pack with Mach Kick.
This mold was also used to make Airraptor.

Beast Wars Telemocha Series

  • Archadis
    • Japanese ID number: TM-08
    • Accessories: 2 feather-bombs
A redeco of his previous toy; Telemocha Archadis has his colors slightly altered in area and tint. This toy mistakenly contains a Dinobot Spark Crystal instead of the Predacon variant.


  • Archadis is one of three Beast Wars Neo toys whose designs were determined via a contest held by Japanese Television Magazine. The winning designs were revealed in the April 1999 issue. The other winning designs became Mach Kick and Bazooka. Also of note, the design that became Archadis was female.

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