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The Archa Seven arachnid is an organic creature from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

The Archa Seven arachnid is a kind of organic alien living on Archa VII, which Optimus, Sentinel and Elita-1 visited. The scientific or regular name for these creatures is unknown. However, they are seemingly very dangerous and, for some reason, their eggs look like spherical Energon. The Archa Seven arachnid is also the cause of Sentinel Prime's Organic-phobia and his hatred for Optimus Prime.


Transformers Animated

When Sentinel, Optimus and Elita-1 went to an organic planet in search of a Decepticon ship and Energon, they were quickly spotted by a team of strange spider-like creatures. After escaping them, Sentinel still refused to leave, until three spiders came up and attacked. However, they proved to be no match for Sentinel's shield weapon. When Optimus found the ship, he saw some sort of oval-shaped energon which was actually the eggs of the Archa Seven arachnid.

When the team had found each other again, Elita used her downloading power to use Optimus's grapple. However, it soon wore off and she fell to what seemed to be her doom. Sentinel always blamed Optimus for Elita's death and after what he had seen he believed all organics (even humans) were as dangerous as them. Though amazingly enough she was not offline but rather mutated into a spider robot hybrid and thus had an organic half which masked her energy signature. Along Came a Spider

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