Prime-toy ArceeBlade

The Arms Micron Arcee Blade (アーシーブレード Āshī Burēdo) has taken the form of the Autobot hero Arcee.



  • Arcee Blade (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: SP Cure
Arcee Blade is an Arms Micron figure that transforms from a robot resembling Arcee's robot mode into a longsword, compatible with the Arms Micron weapon system via numerous 5mm posts and holes. She was part of the second wave of Gacha Arms Microns.

  • Arcee Blade MX (Gacha Arms Micron, 2013)
    • ID number: 4
    • Energon Crystal: SP Cure
At the very tail-end of Prime, all twelve Gacha molds were re-released all in one go as a "Special Edition" wave through the capsule machines. The Autobots were cast in clear-blue "Matrix Power Up!" forms, retaining their normal paint operations, though the eyes have changed from blue to red.


  • Arcee Blade and the other Arms Microns with robot modes resembling larger show-cast characters are considered separate characters by this wiki on the grounds that the only fiction we have on them is the over-arcing backstory of the Arms Microns: non-living weapons were exposed to special Earth energon and turned into living miniature robots. Obviously, being a new form for Arcee doesn't really work with this. So until something official says otherwise...

Arcee Blade Combinations

Named combination weapons including Arcee Blade:

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