These are Arcee's relationships.


Tailgate (deceased)

Tailgate was Arcee's first partner and close friend. In Predatory, Arcee recalls a flashback about talking with Tailgate in asking for directions and bantering with him over her comm unit as she runs through the ruined buildings on Cybertron. When Airachnid captured Arcee and interrogated her, several vehicons brought in Tailgate in the room to be used as a hostage for Airachind to get the information of the Autobot's attack movements or Tailgate would die. Arcee, desperately wanting to save her partner, did not know the attack coordinates and Airachnid killed Tailgate on the spot. This made Arcee sorrow over her partner's tragic death and left her scarred in her mind. Cliffjumper even tried to comfort Arcee by stating he knew Tailgate's death (even when he and Bumblebee was there to save Arcee right after Tailgate was killed by Airachnid) and understood why Arcee decided to be a loner.

Cliffjumper (deceased)


Arcee and Cliffjumper having a conversation.

"Closing yourself off from feeling won't help anyone."
―Cliffjumper to Arcee in Out of the Past.

Arcee and Cliffjumper escaped from Decepticon captivity on Cybertron together, working together in sabotaging a prototype spacebridge and injuring Shockwave in the process.

When they were captured, Cliffjumper discussed with Arcee about how they were captured and after they escaped Shockwave's lab, Cliffjumper revealed that he knew about Tailgate (since he and Bumblebee was there to save Arcee after Tailgate was killed by Airachnid) and comprehended that Arcee should not close herself off from others because it will not help anyone in any way. Shortly after arriving on Earth, Arcee accepted Cliffjumper as her partner as they decided to find Optimus together and rejoined the Autobots alongside with Cliffjumper. The two would remain partners and gradually became close friends. Given this friendship, Arcee was more affected by Cliffjumper's sudden death at the hands of Starscream than the rest of Team Prime, since she had also lost her first partner Tailgate. In Out of the Past, Arcee spoke about how she and Cliffjumper were captured to Miko. After her talk, Arcee started to feel even more sadden over Cliffjumper's death. Miko rests her hand on Arcee's hand as they watched the sunset, which comforted Arcee. In Predacons rising, Optimus mentioned Cliffjumper's noble sacrifice and Arcee mourned over Cliffjumper.

Optimus Prime

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Optimus and Arcee


Arcee holds on Optimus' hand

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"It is the external wounds which heal the quickest."
―Optimus to Arcee in Partners.

Arcee is one of Optimus' right hand soldiers. Even though Optimus is a lot taller than Arcee, she's his best fighter, his go to gal whenever he needs someone to talk with. Arcee sees Optimus Prime as a great leader and friend, even stating to Ratchet once that she would give her life for him. She informally serves as his second in command, although it is worth noting that she has been known to occasionally disregard his orders - due to her overwhelming desire to seek vengeance upon her enemies, like Airachnid. Despite this, Arcee remains much loyal to Optimus. The two were together when they discovered Cliffjumper had been killed. Later Arcee accompanied Optimus to find Cliffjumper's body after it's life signal appeared online, where Optimus gave her cover fire as he shot through several Decepticons.

She and Optimus went alongside each other to the Arctic in Scrapheap. After failing to retrieve what they were searching, the two were stranded there together as Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee tried to fix the base after it was attacked by Scraplets, which they were unaware of. While walking to get a signal, Arcee fell behind Optimus. Optimus saw and helped Arcee to her feet, to which Arcee suggested that they should take a drive to Miami but Optimus stated they would use up energy. As the pair huddled, Arcee suggested that they play a game called "who screwed things back at base" where she blamed Bulkhead and Optimus stated that Bulkhead may be too large but his inner strength is without bounds. As the pair began to slowly freeze to death, she related to Optimus her surprise to die in an Arctic, rather than by the hands of the Decepticons. Optimus replied by stating that it may not be the way they would go out and if they were to become one with the AllSpark. His speech was cut short when Arcee reached out her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand and they both held each other's hand. Arcee stated it was an honor to serve with Optimus and said his full name. Suddenly a Groundbridge opened up and the pair began slowly walking to it. When the Scraplets came at them, Optimus immediately places himself in front of Arcee without any hesitation to protect her.

Arcee went with Optimus and Bulkhead to the Arctic to fight off Decepticons during their use of a laser there. In Partners, after being injured by Starscream and letting go of their prisoner, Arcee blamed herself for the teams' chance of winning the war. Optimus tells her that it is the external wounds that heal the quickest and that wisdom cannot be granted but earned. She listened to him. She and the other Autobots came to his aid after he began to lose in his battle against Unicron after he told them to remain at base and fought by his side until he was tricked by Megatron into joining the Decepticons after reverting to Orion Pax.

Though she managed to get aboard the Nemesis in an attempt to save him, she failed to locate him before being GroundBridged off by Soundwave. Arcee went with Jack on a mission to Cybertron to restore Optimus's memories. After they got the matrix's energy download onto the key, they went back to Earth, where Megatron was waiting on the other side of the space bridge. Orion Pax appeared and figured out that Megatron was deceiving him from his true identity as an Autobot. In the process of fighting, Orion was overpowered by Megatron and was about to be killed if it wasn't for Arcee jumping at Megatron. While she delayed him, Jack used the key to Orion's chest where the Matrix of Leadership was revealed. After it was done, Optimus was back and he states to Megatron "Megatron! Begone!!" The team went back to base to celebrate the return of their beloved leader. When Arcee was attacked by Nemesis Prime, she felt wary when she thought it was Optimus. However, when Optimus revealed he was simply returning from a scouting energon mission with an energon crystal in his hand, the Autobots stand down and Arcee apologized to Optimus. Arcee went with Optimus and Bumblebee to Airachnid's location, Optimus was proud of her for sparing Airachnid's life after the Decepticon found herself helpless from being cryogenically frozen. She went with Optimus and the other Autobots to Cybertron in an attempt to retrieve the Omega Keys from the Decepticons and departed after saving their human allies together. She, Optimus and the other Autobots fought off a few Decepticons before leaving Jasper, Nevada altogether. She and Optimus reunited when the latter came to her and the other Autobots aid during an attack on the Decepticons' fortress of Darkmount.

In Evolution, Arcee was happy when Optimus arrived back to base. She tagged along with the team to investigate and retrieve some energon cargo back to base. Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus had discovered and destroyed Shockwave's laboratory, which seemed to exterminated the Predacon clones inside as well. Optimus was able to rescue both Wreckers from being killed by Predaking. During a mission to stop the Decepticons from getting the solaris particle collider in the South Pole. Despite Ultra Magnus' orders from Optimus about going ahead while he takes on Predaking, Arcee seemed to be worried about Optimus. In the ending of the series finale, Arcee went with Optimus and the rest of the team, while Ratchet stayed on Earth, back to the newly restored Cybertron.

In Predacons Rising, Optimus held a little ceremony to promote Bumblebee from scout to warrior. Optimus, not interrupting the celebration, informs his team that he must retrieve the Allspark from outer space in order to fully restore Cybertron's core, Primus. When the arrival of a resurrected Megatron came about, Bumblebee tries to contact Optimus and Wheeljack, but couldn't get a response from them. Arcee sends a message to Optimus about Unicron being on their home. In the final battle, Optimus arrives in time to fight against Unicron (in Megatron's body). He was able to trap the Chaos Bringer inside the container that once held the Allspark. In order to secure Unicron's defeat, Optimus dumped the vessel's contents into the Matrix of Leadership. He informs the group that he must return the Allspark to the well for future generations to exist on Cybertron, that his quest must be completed. Ratchet tells Optimus that he cares the most about him, Bulkhead states that Ratchet can find a way to save Optimus and Arcee states that they could turn to Vector Sigma just like they did before. However, Optimus said that the Matrix cannot be restored or passed down to another. Optimus told his team that they have all acted like true Primes and that every sentient being has the capacity for change. In Optimus's memory, Bumblebee promised to Optimus that they will keep the peace on Cybertron. Optimus gave a last look to his team and flew into the well. He opened his chest, revealing the Matrix of Leadership and flew into Primus. Suddenly, Sparks flew from the well. The Autobots, including Knock Out, saw as the sparks flew out into the sky.

Optimus and Arcee would hang or talk with each other on a few occasions. Optimus always tries to make Arcee feel safe, comfortable, and treats her like a good friend. Arcee seems to know a lot about being a Prime. She indicates Optimus not being the party type of bot and that he never runs from a fight. Optimus is like an adult figure to Arcee, like Ratchet and Ultra Magnus is with her, which he cares for her. Optimus and Arcee have a platonic relationship and a respectable friendship, much like a family too. Windblade has this similar relationship with Optimus.


Arcee may be looked up to by Bumblebee, possibly due to her skills and overall personality. She has previously addressed Bumblebee as 'family' to Jack.

Cee with Bee

Bumblebee and Arcee

The two were together during Jack's initial meeting with the Autobots and fought Vehicons together before Bulkhead arrived. She, Bumblebee and the other Autobots fought against Knock Out and Breakdown during their attempt to steal the Energon Harvester, which proved successful as the Autobots were defeated. She and Bumblebee went to retrieve two relics together, only coming back successful for the first and failing to secure the second. She met back up with Bumblebee and Ratchet when Ultra Magnus found the two. She complimented Bumblebee on his then-new paint job, citing that if she had also reversed her colors, she would be pink. She later teamed up with on the assault at Darkmount and was made his commander in the "Stealth Team". She was shocked when Bumblebee died and even more surprised when he was revived, and later told him that his voice had returned.

During the events of Predacons Rising, Arcee and Bumblebee were left alone on the bridge of the Nemesis, and complimented one another, suggesting they had a friendly relationship, and further proving Bumblebee's looking up to Arcee.


Bulkhead hugs Arcee

Bulkhead hugging Arcee in Prey.

Arcee and Bulkhead's personalities often clashed. Arcee being more of the serious and cooperative while Bulkhead had always been more laid back and tried to be nice and sincere to all of the Autobots and humans. After they met on Earth, Arcee was impressed by the dance Bulkhead did when he stepped in a bunch of power lines. While being trapped in the Arctic with Optimus, she quickly blamed Bulkhead for her and Optimus being left with no way of getting home. Arcee generally thinks of Bulkhead as the "Autobot to leave at the base" as she often prefers Bumblebee's company and goes off with him. During her freezing with Optimus, she found Bulkhead to be the most logical to blame for the malfunction at the Autobot base. Arcee and Bulkhead worked together, despite being temporarily stuck together by the polarity gauntlet that they were seeking, to fight Breakdown and Airachnid. Arcee also saved Bulkhead's life from Starscream in Rock Bottom. After failing to retrieve Optimus from the Decepticon warship Nemesis, Arcee and Bulkhead started to argue after Arcee sarcastically claimed that he was good at stating the obvious and asked if he wanted to point out anything the Autobots already knew. Bulkhead continued the argument by stating that he could not point out anything else due to their human allies still being present. She, Bulkhead and the other Autobots went to the Space Bridge Starscream told Bulkhead and Ratchet about, with Arcee thanking Starscream and being stared at by Bulkhead before revealing to her ally that she had done deductive reasoning to conclude that he told the Autobots on the Space Bridge's location.

In Prey, Bulkhead was happy to see Arcee in Ultra Magnus's ship and gave her a bear hug.

Bulkhead is like an older brother figure to Arcee. He cares and respects Arcee like a friend and teammate.


"You're fine, says your physician."
― Ratchet to Arcee in Darkness Rising, Part 2.
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Ratchet scans Arcee's arm.

Arcee interacts the least with Ratchet, mainly due to Ratchet spending most of his time monitoring the base and Arcee spending a good deal of time outside of the base on missions. She seems to have no problems with Ratchet and very rarely do the two argue or mouth of to each other. Arcee once tried to get out of taking Jack home by pretending to be sick, only for Ratchet to tell her she was fine and reminding her that he was the doctor. When Ratchet first used Synthetic Energon, Arcee was the first life he saved, defeating the multiple Vehicons that surrounded her.

Arcee was surprised when Ratchet flirted with her when he walked past her after taking down Bulkhead and intimidating Bumblebee. They soon found themselves adversaries when Ratchet scolded Optimus under the influence of Synthetic Energon for not having ended Megatron when he had the chance, bringing up the death of Cliffjumper when making his point known that he believed he cared little for the team. This caused Arcee to try and attack him before she was held back by Bulkhead. When Ratchet fell in battle after straying away from the other Autobots, Arcee and the others came to save him.[1] While When Ratchet required someone to operate on him and Bumblebee for the transfer of his T-Cog to the latter, Arcee was chosen by him. Though Arcee argued that Optimus had steadier hands, Ratchet told her that his hands were too big to be under his roof and that Arcee had the perfect size to perform the operation. After the Autobots were called away on a mission to retrieve the recently decoded Forge of Solus Prime, Arcee openly expressed happiness in no longer having to do the operation.[2] As Ratchet worked and Smokescreen began to pile cubes under the orders of Ultra Magnus, Arcee talked to Ratchet about Smokescreen saving Optimus's life.[3]

Ratchet respects Arcee and acts like an adult figure to her, like Optimus and Ultra Magnus does.


Smokescreen & Arcee

Smokescreen and Arcee

Arcee suspected Smokescreen as a Decepticon spy when he first arrived, but she later worried for him as he was not caring for contact with humans. After many attempts on his part to be a hero she scolded him like a mother. When Smokescreen was seemingly killed by the Dark Star Saber, Arcee mourned losing another partner. She was surprised and relieved when he used Phase Shifter and it had saved his life. When Smokescreen seemed to care more about his ego than restoring Cybertron she lashed out at him, despite Optimus telling her to stop. This caused Smokescreen to drive away in a huff, which led to him being captured by Soundwave. After Smokescreen returned uninjured from the Nemesis with two Omega Keys, she finally gave him the respect he had rightfully earned and praised him. She came to have more respect for him after he played a vital role in saving Optimus Prime's and all the other Autobots' lives in Rebellion. Arcee seems to have connected well with Smokescreen and he cares for her like a brother to sister relationship.


WheelJack Arcee
"You sure you weren't a Wrecker?"
―Wheeljack to Arcee after fighting Vehicons.
"Don't push Bulkhead away. If something happened to him you would never forgive yourself. Trust me I know."
―Arcee to Wheeljack about partners.

Arcee worked with Wheeljack in Plus One to retrieve Predacon bones. During their mission, Arcee reminded Wheeljack about being on a team. Wheeljack told Arcee that he doesn't like playing with others, though he did enjoyed fighting Vehicons with Arcee. While they walked in the cave, Arcee told Wheeljack that Bulkhead was his problem. Wheeljack told her that Bulkhead was getting softer than he was as a Wrecker. Arcee told him that time changed and if Wheeljack can't adapt to it, he would rust like the bones they were digging for and he shouldn't push Bulkhead away because he has a deep connection with him. After rescuing Agent Fowler and June Darby from Knock Out, Wheeljack and Arcee returned to base where Arcee helped Wheeljack make up with Bulkhead.

After a brutal fight with Predaking, Wheeljack still felt two fisted and Arcee told him that Ultra Magnus was too. In Predacons Rising, Bulkhead and Arcee helped Wheeljack out Ultra Magnus' Ship after it was destroyed by Unicron in Megatron's body.

Wheeljack is like a brother figure to Arcee.

Ultra Magnus

Persuasion Magnus and Arcee

Ultra Magnus and Arcee

Ultra Magnus arrived on Earth when his ship picked up a signal originating from Cybertron to Earth. Arcee and Jack encountered him during their search for the other members of team Prime. Arcee refers Ultra Magnus to be very by the book and tells Jack that he is Optimus' key lieutenant during the war back on Cybertron. Arcee talks to Ultra Magnus and calls him "sir". When they picked up Miko, Bulkhead and Wheeljack, they were trying to escape from a strange dragon like beast. Ultra Magnus managed to lose the beast and the team reunited with Rafael, Bumblebee and Ratchet at the harbinger. Despite Smokescreen and Optimus being unaccounted for, Ultra Magnus divised an attack on Darkmount, stating to the team that they must stop Megatron with or without Optimus Prime. He geared them up with new weapons and began the attack. Ultra Magnus was able to groundbridge the Predacon away and took on Megatron head on. Though the attack resulted badly as the team were captured and Megatron overpowered Magnus. Before Megatron could kill Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime flew in his new armor and saved Magnus. The team escaped as the citadel was destroyed.

During the hunt for Predacon bones, Ultra Magnus tried to use his command style from the Elite Guard, but Team Prime had a hard time with his command. Though Optimus counseled Magnus by stating that team Prime has grown into something greater than an army, a family. Ultra Magnus soon became adapted to their family ways. Though they barely interact, Ultra Magnus and Arcee remain good friends. Magnus is like an adult figure to Arcee, like how Ratchet and Optimus is with her.

Jackson Darby

Deadlock screenshot Jack and Arcee

Jack and Arcee sharing their last moment in Deadlock.

Arcee met Jack in Darkness Rising, Part 1. While the two were getting along in Darkness Rising, Part 3, they formed a mutual bond after Arcee suffered a near death experience in Darkness Rising, Part 5. In Masters and Students, Arcee helped Jack with his science project, until Ratchet interfered. In Scrapheap, Jack questioned Arcee about why she didn't pick him up and Arcee replied she was on a tag team mission to explore the Artic with Optimus. In Speed Metal, Arcee helped Jack beat Vince in a little racing competition and to impress Sierra, which in the end, Arcee drove Jack and Sierra around. In Predatory, Arcee fought her enteral foe Airachnid. When Airachnid webbed Arcee, Arcee told Jack she was afraid to lose him and told Jack to run. Arcee freed Jack from his web trap and made him her junior partner. In Crisscross, Arcee and Jack went to help Jack's mom from MECH and Airachnid. William Fowler arrived to help and Jack's mom was safe. While it took some getting use to, Arcee made amends with Jack's mom in Metal Attraction. In Rock Bottom, Arcee told Jack to not mention to his mom about going in an abandoned Decepticon mine. Arcee saved Jack from Megatron's blast attacks. In Orion Pax, Part 1, Sierra complimented Jack's mom, who was really Arcee putting on her Sadie disguise. In Tunnel Vision, Jack, Miko, Arcee and Bumblebee all went on a mission to retrieve a relic in New York. In Legacy, Arcee questions Optimus on Smokescreen getting a human partner and Smokescreen was paired with Jack. In Darkest Hour, Arcee and Smokescreen traded their Omega keys for Jack. In Darkmount, NV, Arcee tried to keep Jack calm after the destruction of the base and the team being scattered. Arcee saved Jack from a Decepticon attack near a gas station, where Arcee blew it up and destroyed the two Decepticon troopers that were following them. In Scattered, Arcee placed her arm around Jack to comfort him and they proceeded on where they met up with Ultra Magnus. The team was finally reunited in Rebellion where Optimus was upgraded, Ultra Magnus was welcomed in the team and the team was relocated to a new base. In Plus One, Jack informed Arcee that his mom and Agent Fowler were captured. Jack's mom and Agent Fowler were both rescued by Wheeljack and Arcee. In Deadlock, Jack said his final goodbyes to Arcee and Arcee told him to keep in touch otherwise she would hunt him down. He acts like a younger brother to her.

Miko Nakadai

Watch the Sunset

Miko holds Arcee's hand as they watch the sunset together in Out of the Past.

Arcee rarely interacts with Miko. In Darkness Rising, Part 1, Miko was sketching Arcee, who was in her vehicle mode. Miko called her the "coolest" bike as she was coloring her sketch. Miko also saw Jack talking with Arcee and told him to go with her, which Arcee had no choice but to bring Miko along for the ride. After Darkness Rising, Part 5, Arcee and Miko became allies and teammates. In Out of the Past, Arcee and Miko hanged outside of the base when Miko was still trying to rekindle herself after Bulkhead's near death experience. Arcee tried to make Miko feel better by telling her a story about how she met up with Cliffjumper. In the end of her story, Arcee felt deeply sad about losing Cliffjumper. Miko saw this and placed her hand on Arcee's hand. The two looked at each other happily as they watched the sunset together.

Miko is one of Arcee's closest human friends. While at times she finds Miko's annoyance a distraction and irrelevant, Arcee would sometimes go along with it. Miko appears closer with Arcee and acts like a younger sister to her.

Rafael Esquivel

Poor raf

Raf and Arcee rarely interact with one another. However, they seem to have a friendly friendship. In Darkness Rising, Part 4, Arcee caught Raf and Jack from falling. In One Shall Fall, Arcee showed deep concern for Raf as she carried him back to the base with Bee after he was injured by Megatron. She was very relieved when Ratchet cured Rafael. Since Raf appears much younger than Arcee, he is somewhat like a little brother figure to her.

June Darby

Ever since Darkness Rising, Part 2, Arcee remained in her motorcycle mode around June Darby in Jack's garage. Arcee made her actual face to face interaction with June in Crisscross where June thanked Arcee for saving her and Jack's lives and when Jack drove Arcee with June to the Autobot base. In Metal Attraction, Arcee was happy to see June arrive at the base but things became difficult when June did not think it was safe for Jack to go on a training routine with her. Arcee felt that she was being overprotective since Arcee protected Jack for months before June knew. However, June apologized to Arcee and revealed that ever since Jack's dad left them, things were hard. Arcee accepted her apology and the two reconciled with each other. They also became close friends.



Arcee despises Megatron while the latter does so as well. When Arcee and Bumblebee snuck aboard the Nemesis to retrieve a cure for Optimus, Arcee saw Megatron's unconscious body. After Bumblebee succeeded in getting the formula from Megatron, Arcee shot the latter's life support cord out of his body. During the Autobots attempt to get Optimus Prime back, Megatron attacked and defeated Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Orion Pax before Arcee came through the Space Bridge and knocked him in the back. She briefly fought the Decepticon, being able to dodge several of his blasts before being grabbed and put against a wall by the Decepticon leader. After Optimus was revived with the Key to Vector Sigma, Arcee and the other Autobots participated in shooting at the Decepticon before retreating through a GroundBridge.


"I'm not afraid of you, Starscream. You're no Megatron"
―Arcee to Starscream

Initially, Arcee held no anger towards Starscream significantly, as he was of no more significance to her than any other Decepticon. She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee stopped him from torturing William Fowler after he had Soundwave capture the latter for interrogation for discovery of the location of the Autobot base. Soon enough, she stopped him from causing any harm to Bulkhead, whom was preoccupied stopping a tunnel from falling, instead having Starscream do so.

Shortly afterwards, she was shocked to see Starscream willing to join the Autobots. The group discussed his motives and ultimately agreed that they would give him a chance. Arcee was left alone with him, this proving fatal as she discovered he had murdered Cliffjumper. Angered, she chose to attack him. However, not before giving him the keys to his cuffs. As she came closer, Starscream cowered and begged for mercy. As she reached to grab the keys, he jabbed her in the stomach with his sharp fingers and attacked her. During the ensuring battle, she gained the upper hand on the Decepticon and came close to finishing him off before Bumblebee arrived on the scene. The two would next met after the Autobots went to the location Starscream had told Ratchet and Bulkhead of.

Starscream saved Arcee's life by shooting at Airachnid and thereby, driving his fellow rogue Decepticon off before she could finish Arcee off. Though Arcee expected Starscream to finish her off, Starscream remembered their last encounter and how she had allowed him to live. As such, he did the same for her, cutting her down from her hanging place and walking off after doing so.


"When you extinguish my spark, make it hurt. You know I would extend that courtesy to you."
―Airachnid to Arcee, Armada
"I'm not like you."
―Arcee to Airachnid in Armada.

Arcee was trapped by Airachnid during the Great War on Cybertron, alongside her partner Tailgate. However, she was the only one of the two to survive as Airachnid killed Tailgate after Arcee claimed to have not known anything. Soon enough, Arcee was saved by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, dragged off with the guilt of not being able to save her partner from his death. The two would met again on Earth, Arcee instantly recognizing her ship while scouting with her new ally, human Jack Darby. Despite Arcee's initial inability to defeat the Decepticon, she summed up the strength and saved Jack from Airachnid.

The two crossed paths again when Airachnid allied with MECH and kidnapped June Darby. Arcee's next confrontation with Airachnid would be during a mission with the other Autobots when Airachnid left Starscream alone. Upon seeing her, she chased after Airachnid and fought her before being placed in a headlock. She was saved by Optimus and forced to remain behind when Optimus realized that Arcee's longing to avenge Tailgate would only continue to cloud her judgment. Arcee and Airachnid met up again when Airachnid had her new Insecticon attack Megatron. Arcee ran off on her own again and managed to nearly get killed before being saved by Starscream, whom also held a vendetta against the Decepticon.

250px-Crossfire Airachnid captures Arcee

Arcee trapped in Airachnids' web

Their next and final encounter is when Airachnid launched her Insecticon army to destroy Megatron. After aiming at Airachnid, she had the lower fleet of her Insecticons attack Arcee and the other Autobots. After coming down to face her, Arcee attacked and pursued her until Airachnid accidentally landed in an Insecticon pod, cryogenically freezing her and causing the entirety of the Insecticons to join Megatron. Optimus was proud of Arcee and told her that she was stronger for the choice she made of not killing Airachnid.

Predaking (formerly)

Predaking and Arcee never really fought in a one on one fight but they both are seen in one small fighting scene in Persuasion. In Predacons Rising, Arcee went with Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Smokescreen to Predaking's refuge to inform him about two more Predacons, which they also tried to persuade Predaking to help them find those Predacons. While Predaking refused their offer, he reluctantly joined up with his two fellow Predacon brethren and the Autobots in fighting Unicron to save their home world from Unicron's zombie army of Predacons. After the battle, Predaking and his brethren may have proven themselves to be allies to the Autobots.


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