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The name or term Arcee refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Arcee (disambiguation).

Arcee is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.

Do I get to make out with Bumblebee, or Jazz?

Though small compared to many of her peers and adversaries, Arcee compensates with speed and aggressive maneuvers, making her one of the most dangerous Autobots around. Moreover, Arcee is a born hunter. She honed her speed hunting turbofoxes with other speedsters, challenging herself to get as close as possible before tagging them with her bow. She's a crack shot with said crossbow weapon, and Ironhide has trained her to use her speed to her advantage in battle, striking suddenly and swiftly and then vanishing away again as fast as she appeared.

The events at Tyger Pax created a nagging doubt in Arcee about her abilities. She carries some guilt about Bumblebee's injuries, and part of what drives her is the desire to prove herself, not only in the optics of her friends and comrades, but most importantly in herself.

"We're locked and loaded"
ArceeRevenge of the Fallen


IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity

IDWPrequel movieArcee cvr

Ever feel like you were the only Energon homage in a universe full of G1 homages?

Arcee was one of a handful of Autobots under the command of Bumblebee who desperately fought against Megatron's vast army at Tyger Pax. She was captured and interrogated by the Decepticons but survived the ordeal. She recounted to their Autobot rescuers Bumblebee's heroics in delaying Megatron, preventing Megatron from intercepting the wormhole-bound All Spark. Prime Directive #1

Millions of years later, following the death of Megatron, Arcee was in command of an Autobot assault team on Mars and led Cliffjumper and others in an attack on the Nemesis. The Reign of Starscream #2

While her team made short work of the Swindle, Dreadwing, and Payload drones the Decepticons sent against them, Arcee killed the Decepticon sniper Hardtop before he could snipe Smokescreen. Her teammates were unprepared for the arrival of Thundercracker, however, and he quickly slew Camshaft and wounded Cliffjumper. Remembering her failure at Tyger Pax, Arcee leapt into action, and soon she and Cliffjumper had Thundercracker at their mercy. The arrival of Starscream changed that, as he killed Smokescreen and Air Raid and badly damaged Cliffjumper. As she attempted to pull the last surviving member of her team to safety, Arcee was kicked aside by Starscream. The Reign of Starscream #3

However, Arcee recovered an instant later. The Nemesis was already taking off, but she jumped and grabbed onto a piece of landing gear, holding on tight. Through the space bridge. Wow. Later, she makes her way back to an Autobot facility, where she unexpectedly meets Clocker and Crosshairs. Along with a large force of Autobots, the three move in on the Simfur temple, where Starscream is using captured Autobots for a strange project of his. The Reign of Starscream Issue Number Four

After discovering Starscream intended to build an All Spark replica and infuse it with the life force of the captured Autobots and after which Dreadwing attempting to overthrow Starscream, their priorities soon became very complicated. Arcee sent a few members to the city of Trypticon to shut down the drone units while she and a few others created a distraction by attacking the Decepticons gathering below. Arcee fired the first shot in honor of Elita-One who was killed when her life force was absorbed. After they succeeded and Trypticon was destroyed, Arcee noted that Starscream was still a threat and she needed to find him (as did Thundercracker who she noticed flying off into space.

Later, she managed to reunite with two of her sisters and together with them, headed to Earth after receiving Prime's signal beacon. She and her sisters later managed to reunite with the main group of Earth Autobots as they prepared to go after Demolisher in Shanghai.

Target Robovision bio

Arcee was on Earth for a short time at the beginning of the conflict there, presumably arriving shortly after Bumblebee. When the situation on Earth began to ramp up into out-and-out combat, she was reassigned elsewhere, where her stealth skills would be of more use.

Now she fights in the Charii system against a Decepticon splinter cell working on a star-breaking weapon. If she has her way, the only things breaking will be their heads.

Titan Magazines

Note: Arcee's appearance in Prime Directive is in canon with Titan.

In a world where the Decepticons captured the All Spark and conquered Earth, Arcee was one of the six Autobot reinforcements hiding on the moon. Transformers Comic issue 9 When Starscream attacked them, the quick-thinking Arcee was the one who took command and rallied the troops. When this still failed to work, she ordered them to Earth (following Strongarm's initiative) and their prearranged targets. Transformers Comic issue 11 Alongside Armorhide, she guarded Ratchet while he destroyed the captive All Spark and thus saved Earth from being cyberformed. When the other Autobots had believed they'd lost, Arcee was the only one who outright refused to accept defeat. Transformers Comic issue 13

And, of course, they didn't. However, Arcee was left bewildered by the idea that humanity would not trust and love the Autobots, and Optimus explained to her that, from a human point of view, all the Transformers are alien horrors fighting on their planet. Following this, she guarded the Savannah, Georgia shelter and was caught in Starscream's ambush. Transformers Comic issue 14 Transformers Comic issue 15

Among other engagement to protect American infrastructure, she served with Bumblebee in protecting an Alaskan pipeline. Transformers Comic issue 16

Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Grey DeLisle (English)

Sometime after the battle of Mission City, Arcee became a tripartite Cybertronian and received Optimus Prime's message and landed on earth and joined up with Optimus Prime and his crew. Arcee down Sideways in Shanghai, attempting to stop the Decepticon from fleeing. Despite their speed, they did not have the power to bring him down, as a result Sideswipe was called in to finish the job.

Arcee was later deported by the U.S. government along with other Autobots) to Egypt where she and Ironhide team up as an advanced team that battles against the Decepticons and covers Sam. Arcee's pink and purple components were later shot and severely injured by a Decepticon, only the blue component remained operational when she was last seen.


Transformers (2007)

Scout Class toys


This is what happens when your mom dresses you and your siblings alike.

  • Arcee (Target exclusive Scout Class, 2007)
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile, scope, 2 tailpipes, "energon" chip
Arcee is a redeco of Energon Arcee, replacing her pinks and most of her whites and blacks with blue, and her translucent red with smoky brown plastic. She transforms into a "superbike"-type racing motorcycle. Unusually for a Transformer, she does not hold her weapon in her hands as most figures do. Instead, her Energon Bow mounts on a peg in her arms, with her hands being positioned to give the appearance of her using the bow. The bow itself is spring-loaded, firing a grey missile 'arrow'.
Arcee (and the rest of the Scout wave) are exclusive to Target stores, where they are all part of a Robo-Vision promotion. Arcee comes with a Robo-Vision Decoder which allows you to see the Robo-Vision Code ("BULLSEYE") printed on her cardback. Starting June 2, 2007, Target's website allowed users to input those codes to access exclusive content, a concept similar to the online Cyber Planet Key info from the Transformers: Cybertron toyline.
This mold also was used to make Superlink Ariel Paradron Type, as well as the BotCon 2005 Descent into Evil set's Chromia, Flamewar, Flareup, and the fellow Target-exclusive movieverse Elita-One.

Deluxe Class toys

Movie Deluxe Arcee toy

Why does she look as if she is wearing black leather boots and stiletto heels? Prime!

  • Arcee (Deluxe Class, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: MA-11
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile
Deluxe Arcee transforms into a pink/purple 2006 Buell Firebolt XB12R motorcycle, genericised to get around licensing issues. Arcee has references tampographed on her vehicle mode, such as her motorcycle's model name, "RC 1100", and her Massachusetts license plate marked TF7407, the original release date of the movie.
Arcee's Automorphing feature is located in her crossbow weapon (formed out of the seat/storage area of the bike), activated when the projectile (the bike's tailpipe) is inserted, which pushes out the recurved lath parts on the sides of the weapon. The rectangular peg which is supposed to be used to attach her weapon to her forearm in robot mode is sometimes a poor fit, and the weapon may pop off. As an alternative, the round peg by which the weapon is attached in vehicle mode can also be used in robot mode, with a little rearranging of parts.
Undocumented in the instructions, the two shoulder-mounted half-wheels contain a small niche on the edge of the tires, and by folding the wheels down with the hubcaps pointing towards the chest and by turning the tires towards the shoulders, one can feel the wheels gently click into place via the tire niches and hidden tabs in the shoulders, allowing the wheels to remain in place and more closely resemble the figure as pictured on its packaging.
As with most larger Transformers toys that become motorcycles, Arcee has a kickstand on the left side of the bike; unfortunately it's mounted so low that she will fall in the opposite direction if it is fully extended.


  • Battle damage three-pack (Sam's Club exclusive three-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile
A three-pack, exclusive to Sam's Club stores, consisting of redecos of Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Deluxe Class Arcee, both with a battle damage deco, and an unchanged Voyager Class Starscream.
  • Battle Damaged Arcee (Deluxe, 2007)
A single deluxe figure that is the same as the battle damaged 3-pack Arcee. She is possibly only available out of the US.


Movie Arcee Black toy

Prime likes tight clothes. He's cheating on Elita-1.

  • Black Arcee (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: MA-20
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile, Allspark cube
This Japan-only redeco of Deluxe Class Arcee is cast in black in an attempt to match the look of the motorcycle Lennox rides near the end of the film. Surprisingly, it is not evil.
Like all Japanese "Allspark Power" toys, black Arcee comes with a small Allspark cube accessory.


  • Arcee Limited Special Color Version (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile
This Arcee is decoed in pink and white, in homage to Generation One Arcee, and is exclusive to the Wonder Festival 2008 Winter in Tokyo, Japan.

Revenge of the Fallen


Arcee will always lean to one side.

  • Arcee (Deluxe, 2009)
    • Accessories: Blade
Unlike the first movie's toy, Arcee have the ROTF wheel design, like Chromia. Her wheel foot is off to one side, so she's always uneven, but that's how she's supposed to be. She comes with a sidecar that becomes her stand in robot mode.


Movie scale chart

You must be 9 foot 1 inch to to be in the movie and not get replaced by Clint Eastbot. Slag!

  • As part of BotCon 2007's Hasbro tour, fans viewed "Robot Scale Chart v03", dated 11.22.05, which showed Arcee's height as 9' (2.7m). However, all of the designs on this chart were very early and later heavily revised (though Jazz was revised far less than the others).
  • Arcee was originally going to be a member of the live-action movie's Autobot cast, but was later replaced by Ironhide. According to screenwriter Roberto Orci, they would have needed to explain the point behind female robots, which there wasn't any time for in the movie.[1] In another interview, Alex Kurtzman cited "scale issues" as an additional reason for dropping Arcee; allegedly, Michael Bay simply considered her too small as compared to the rest of the Autobots.[2] It's commonly assumed that Arcee's big part in the movie would have been the scene in which William Lennox starts his solo assault on Blackout using an abandoned motorcycle. However, the screenwriters rejected that notion, stating that this scene wasn't written until after Arcee had already been dropped from the script—but if she had remained in the movie, that scene would have featured her as the motorcycle.[3]
  • As noted above, Arcee has been redesigned slightly for the sequel. This was also confirmed by Roberto Orci. This redesign was first seen in Alliance, when she landed on Earth with Chromia and Moonracer. Instead of possessing legs, her lower body is supported by wheels like her sisters.
  • Like said above, they didn't put Arcee in the first movie because there was no time to explain her female gender, yet in Revenge of the Fallen, they still hadn't explained this. Furthermore, she has quite a short screen time along with Jolt and Sideswipe.
  • Arcee is revealed that she has became a "Tripartite Cybertronian", which means she is a Transformer with three components, similar to Reflector from The Transformers cartoon, in the film Revenge of the Fallen. This is described in more detail in the novelization of the film. However, the Revenge of the Fallen toyline identified Arcee (pink/red), Chromia (blue) and Flareup (purple) are all individual characters.
  • Arcee's three components were originally able to combine in the Revenge of the Fallen film. However, this idea is kept in the novelization and comic adaption of the film.
  • In Knock Out's toy bio, he wants to undergo the new "combiner retrofit" he's been hearing about, which may strongly imply it is about Arcee.
  • Arcee uses plural form to refer her components in the film. This may suggest that her components are individual characters just like in the toyline rather than extensions of herself.
  • Roberto Orci said that Arcee was written as a Transformers formed by three components, but Michael Bay kept them as individuals.[4]
  • Even though one of the reasons Arcee was dropped from the first movie was said to be not enough time to explain why she is a female robot, her gender still was not explained when she actually appeared in Revenge of the Fallen. Hmmm... the smell of sexism.


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