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The name or term Arcee refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Arcee (disambiguation).

Arcee is usually found in the same general area as her friends and fellow Autobots Hot Rod and Springer, both of whom she cares for deeply. The level-headed and logical one of the three, it is usually Arcee who needs to rein in the other two when their egos or attitudes are getting out of control. In addition to being a fierce warrior and talented gunner, she also just might be one of Rattrap's relatives[1] Despite her appearance, Arcee is one of the most ruthless Autobots once you threaten her friends.

Hungarian name: Arszi
Hungarian movie name, first dub only: RC
Italian name: Saturnia (Headmasters dub only)
Serbian name: Arsi
Chinese name: 阿尔茜



I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Cartoon continuity[]

The Transformers cartoon[]

Voice actress: Susan Blu (English), Masako KatsukiYōko Kawanami (Japanese), Carmen Sheila (Portuguese), Chrisa Spilioti (Greek)

Look how cool I shoot! You love me, Springer?

During the assault on Autobot City Arcee was instrumental in helping Springer transform Autobot City to repel the Decepticon invaders, buying precious time for reinforcements and likely saving many lives. She was among the few Autobots to survive Megatron's savage blitz on the city, and was nearly left behind when Galvatron forced the Autobots to evacuate.


Daniel decided he preferred more enthusiastic girls.

Arcee survived the attack, and the crash landing on the planet Junk, all the while going to great lengths in order to protect and care for young Daniel Witwicky, a human friend of Hot Rod's who had wound up on the shuttle with her. Throughout the entire battle with Unicron, Daniel's safety was Arcee's top priority. The Transformers: The Movie

The almost maternal connection between Daniel and Arcee was a powerful one, which was only strengthened some time later when they became binary bonded as Headmaster partners during an adventure on the planet Nebulos. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Ghost in the Machine, Dweller in the Depths, Only Human, Dark Awakening, The Rebirth, Part 1, The Rebirth, Part 2, The Rebirth, Part 3

Note: Although there are many other female Autobots, Arcee appears to be the only one to hold any sort of rank or position amongst the forces found in Autobot City. She seems to share the same basic design as the medical bots on the planet of Paradron.

The Headmasters anime[]

Note: The Headmasters anime ignores the events from the 3-part "The Rebirth" story arc.

In 2011, Arcee either lost her taste for combat or was slapped into her place by the male Autobots, so she acted as Fortress Maximus's secretary, filing reports, working computers, and monitoring events. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, The Mystery of Planet Master, A Dream Is Born, Double Prime, Operation Cassette, Rebellion on Planet Beast, Approach of the Demon Meteorite, The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery, Terror! The Six Shadows, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2

At one point, she wanted to go with Rodimus Prime, Blurr and Kup to search for a new homeworld after Cybertron blew up, but Rodimus told her to stay because she's a girl, and girls can't do anything but stand around, worry, and make coffee for the men. During a party shortly afterward, she slow-danced with Chromedome, and the pair had something resembling a mutual attraction. (At one point, Chromedome becomes aroused at seeing her transformation from a car.) The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok, The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts, Head On!! Fortress Maximus, Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger, Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears, Return of the Immortal Emperor, SOS from Planet Sandra, Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!!, Fight to the Death on Planet Hive!!, Battle for Defense of the False Planet, Find MegaZarak's Weak Spot!!, Head Formation of Friendship, Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship, Ultra Magnus Dies!!, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, I Risk My Life for Earth, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 1), Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2), The Master Sword Is in Danger!!, The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide, Operation: Destroy the Destrons, My Friend Sixshot!, Duel on the Asteroid, The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1), The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

War For Cybertron Trilogy[]

Chapter 1: Siege[]

Arcee and Cog accompany Bumblebee to Soundblaster’s dome. It’s one of the few places left that does open trading. They’ve brought the last of their energon supply to gain entry. They meet with Soundblaster, who is a clone and failed experiment of Shockwave. They claim they have energon for trade. And so, Shockblaster has them taken down to receiving. They enter the energon storage. Cog transforms into a canon aimed at the guard. However, they soon find themselves surrounded by Soundblaster and his guards. Soundblaster has eyes on the sky and knows that they’re associated with Optimus Prime, making them valuable. Episode 5

They shoot their way out, escaping with the stolen energon. It would appear the virus to exterminate the Alpha Trion Protocols have reached Bumblebee, who becomes overwhelmed and passes out, forcing Arcee to take control of the ship and fly them out. They eventually return to Command to find the cloak down. Elita One and Red Alert inform them that the Decepticons transmitted a virus to wipe out their system and defenses. Before long, the Decepticons arrive and begin attacking. Wheeljack gets the Ark running and they get to the Spacebridge and escape with the Allspark. Episode 6

Chapter 2: Earthrise[]

The Autobots awaken to find that they've been taken captive by a band of mercenaries and delivered to a Quintesson named Deseeus. One of the faces seek to kill them while the Autobots are held captive. Optimus explains that the Quintesson seems paralyzed by a need for consensus. They can use that to their advantage. Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Deseeus has removed his other four faces.

Deseeus wants to kill the Autobots. Before he can enact his plan, Doubledealer and his band of mercenaries intervene as Deseeus has refused to compensate them. This provides a distraction long enough for Wheeljack to free them from their restraints and for Mirage and Hound to destroy Deseeus’ lair with rockets. The mercenaries hold off Deseeus and his army long enough for the Autobots to escape. Episode 2 (Earthrise)

The Autobots arrive at the Nebulon system to find 42% of the Nebulon station has traveled through the Spacebridge, though the other 58% remains on the other side. The Autobots board the Nebulon station and turn the power back on. Ratchet tells Optimus that Wheeljack’s plan is their best option; they need to cut the Spacebridge off, which will cut the station in half. However, Ratchet warns them that the tiniest miscalculation could destroy the Spacebridge. Arcee warns Optimus and Bumblebee to be careful as they have to cross through the portal to set their charges.

While Wheeljack and Arcee plant the bombs, he reveals that he doesn’t think the Ark got stuck in the Spacebridge on accident. They suddenly find themselves under attack by a large creature. Wheeljack and Arcee fire at Scorponok as he kills one of their own before charging towards them.

Wheeljack and Arcee continue to fend off Scorponok, though their blaster does little to deter him. Optimus arrives and orders the Autobots to retreat to the Ark. Scorponok then transforms, forcing the Autobots to flee. Episode 3 (Earthrise)

After a massive explosion in an attempt to stop the beast, Wheeljack explains to Bumblebee and Arcee that the explosion triggered the blast doors, thus dealing them inside and cutting off all outside commutation. They are then confronted by Starcream and Soundwave and begin firing until Megatron intervenes. A dispute then breaks out between Megatron and Scorponok, allowing for the Autobots to escape through the rift. Episode 4 (Earthrise)

The Autobots find themselves in the Dead Universe, where Sky Lynx was banished by Ultra Magnus. Sky Lynx then begins talking to them. He reveals that he can hear all. With his help, they eventually manage to escape the Dead Universe. Episode 5 (Earthrise)

The Autobots are attacked by the Decepticons, however, when the mercenaries start attacking as well, so the Autobots and Decepticons are forced to work together. Bumblebee and Starscream order Soundwave to amplify their distress signal. Arcee reports that the reflector shields are down 13%. They receive another direct hit and are left without power completely. However, they eventually manages to dispatch of the Decepticons and the mercenaries. Episode 6 (Earthrise)

Marvel UK comics future timelines[]


They're not men, Arcee. Transformers have no gender. We've been over this!

Arcee was constructed by the Autobots in an alternate future 1995 as a good-will attempt to placate angry humans who thought that they were "sexist" for having no women in their group. After trying multiple times to explain that Autobots, being robots, had no gender, Optimus Prime surrendered and ordered Wheeljack and Ratchet to make a new Autobot who would meet the humans' demands for sexual equality. However, when Arcee was unveiled at a public ceremony, her pink, skinny, pink, curvaceous, and pink form enraged the very audience Prime intended to placate. Shockwave, Horri-Bull, Fangry and Squeezeplay who immediately attacked, looking to crush the "secret weapon" that was promised. Prime warned Arcee to stay back, lest she get hurt in battle, but the female Autobot, rightfully annoyed at the Autobots' lack of faith in her equal ability, singlehandedly forced the Decepticons into a retreat. Hot Rod thought that was pretty hot. The feminists were enraged beyond words. Prime's Rib!

Arcee and Hot Rod became quite friendly, but with his ascension to Prime status in 2006, they began to drift apart. She was stationed at Autobot City on Earth and got bored by her duties. The Quintessons attacked in 2008, stringing out the city's population to the wall and using a wounded Arcee as bait to attract Rodimus; when he tried to use the Matrix to heal her, they stole it and he reverted to Hot Rod. Despite her injuries, she assisted him in awakening Metroplex and devastating the Quintesson fleet. Space Pirates!

In 2009, Arcee tracked down Soundwave and the Terrorcons on Earth, where they were planning to use a laser bore to leech energy right from the planet's core. Joining a small Autobot detachment, they destroyed the drill and returned to Autobot City to face the greater threat: a timestorm that threatened 20 years of history with destruction. As Galvatron had spent months back in the 20th century, the universe was unraveling from the anomaly. Arcee, Rodimus and several other Autobots traveled back in time to 1989 in order to retrieve the Decepticon villain. Unfortunately, Galvatron had acquired some allies in the past: Scourge, Ravage, and the mighty Megatron. She joined Kup and Ultra Magnus in trying to triple-team Megatron, but was only swatted aside like a bothersome insect. Arcee survived, however, and managed to take a few cheap shots at Galvatron later on in the fight. Eventually, the timestorm asserted itself on the battle, and consumed Galvatron utterly, ending the temporal distortion. Time Wars

Arcee and the Autobots returned to their time only to find it had reset so Galvatron never time-jumped and had instead conquered Cybertron. Their resistance movement was quickly crushed, and the Autobots were forced to leave their homeworld. Aspects of Evil! Arcee joined a hundreds-strong Autobot team in fleeing to Earth to regroup. When the Matrix-imprisoned Unicron possessed Rodimus, Arcee showed a more ruthless side in being the only one of the Autobots to advocate using lethal force on him. The Void - White Fire As Unicron would go on to possess Rodimus again and devastate Cybertron in 2010 - an event she witnessed - her ruthless attitude appears to have been the right one all along. Yes, Rodimus Prime managed to contain Unicron again, but at what price..? Aspects of Evil!

Note: Her only appearances in the Marvel U.S. comics were in their Transformers: The Movie (Marvel Comics) adaptation ("The Planet Eater!", "Judgment Day", and "The Final Battle!"), and a profile in issue 4 of their Transformers Universe (Marvel comic). All stuff out-of-continuity with the US storyline.

Dreamwave comics[]

Arcee can be seen as a member of Hot Rod's underground rebellion team on Cybertron, battling the forces of Shockwave. Passive Aggression Both Hot Rod and Springer appeared to be in love with her, though she seemed rather uninterested in both of them. In reality, Arcee was a sleeper agent for the Quintessons.

Note: Due to Dreamwave's bankruptcy, this story was never concluded. Thank God!

3H comics[]

Wrecker Arcee

Gothy 'cuz all her toys get canceled.

During a battle against a horde of killer Nightbirds, Daniel and Wheelie sacrificed their lives to end the threat. The death of Daniel took a serious toll on Arcee's personality, turning her into a depressed and brooding stereotype. A pink one. She can foresee other characters' imminent deaths, except when she can't. She also somehow became a master of both Crystalocution and the previously lost art of Tekkaido.

After Megatron's takeover of Cybertron, Primal Prime and Rodimus met up with Arcee within some Cybertronian caverns. Still upset over the death of Daniel, Arcee initially refused to join the Wreckers when asked by Rodimus and Primal Prime. Fractyl was soon ambushed by Quake and Blastcharge, nearly killing him. Refusing to lose another, Arcee used her spark to save Fractyl, also reformatting him into a Transmetal body. Arcee departed with the rest of the Wreckers aboard a reconditioned Autobot shuttle, and had just started getting to know her new teammates when an alarm sounded. Together with her companions, Arcee rushed to the cargo bay where they found several of their comrades lying defeated at the feet of the bounty hunter Devcon. Departure

Unfamiliar with Devcon's new Vehicon form, Arcee attacked him, only to be defeated by the skilled warrior. Fractyl shot forward to avenge her, only to fall apart inexplicably. Arcee accompanied her damaged friend and Ramulus to the repair bay, where the ship's diagnostic computer determined that Fractyl was suffering from severe laser core misalignment and was in need of treatment. Unfortunately, the antiquated vessel had no systems to actually perform the needed surgery. Arcee despaired, but fortunately Apelinq was able to provide a solution by creating CatSCAN, a medic who soon had Fractyl stabilized. Arcee relaxed, even expressing amusement at CatSCAN's infantile behavior as he began exploring his environment. When the ship landed on a planet the Wreckers had been directed to by the Oracle, Arcee remained behind to help repair the ship, which had been damaged shortly after Devcon's arrival by an explosion. She apparently remained there, presumably to watch over Fractyl, while the other Wreckers investigated an alien culture with two long lost Autobots as guests. As such, she was not an eye-witness to the betrayal by Cyclonus. Betrayal

Arcee and the other Wreckers were eventually drawn back to Cybertron when word of a Quintesson invasion reached them. After dropping off Primal Prime, Apelinq, Ramulus, and Tigatron, Rodimus piloted the ship towards another area of the battle only for it to be shot down. Arcee and the others evacuated, while Skywarp managed to crash the ship into a horde of Sharkticons. Carrying Fractyl to safety, she left him in the care of Rotorbolt in order to join the battle, and together with Tigatron saved Devcon from Chro, the mutated ally of the Predacon scientist and Quintesson ally Cryotek. The trio of Wreckers were then met by a party of Maximals-including Arcee's own great-nephew, Rattrap, with whom she shared an awkward reunion. Following the conclusion of the battle with the Quintessons and Cryotek, Arcee carried the remains of Rodimus Prime, her old friend having perished during the fight, to a secret location for burial. Wreckers Finale

G.I. Joe vs Transformers[]

She had a mutual attraction to Bumblebee and was devastated when Serpent O.R. killed him.

IDW comics[]

This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.
Spotlight arcee

The writers of the Headmasters cartoon now fear for their lives...

Arcee was an early test subject of the mad genius Jhiaxus, after he decided to introduce gender into the Transformers just to see the results. Her fundamental CNA was altered, giving her a "maddening maelstrom of contradictory sensory input" and causing all other Transformers to sense a fundamental difference about her and inadvertently use feminine pronouns around her, something that she loathes. (It also gave her fangs and permanent lipstick for some unknown reason.)

She didn't meet Jhiaxus' standards and was dumped. Dangerously unstable and driven by an implacable homing instinct towards her creator's experiments, Arcee cut a mech-fluid swath of carnage across several planets in her obsession with destroying everything Jhiaxus created. She was eventually taken down by Tyrest Accord enforcer Ultra Magnus and incarcerated on the Autobot penitentiary on Garrus-9.

Her spark was kept separate from her body within the penitentiary, as were those of all prisoners. In this limbo, she found a kind of peace. Unfortunately, when the Decepticons attacked to seize the new inmate Monstructor (another Jhiaxus experiment), warden Fortress Maximus freed her as a last resort to stop the attack. She was able to carve her way through the invaders, but not before they left with their target. She headed off to intercept them, with Jetfire convincing Maximus to allow this. Arcee apparently knows of the Expansion and Jhiaxus's part in it, and refers to herself as the "servo-wrench in the works". Spotlight: Arcee

Later, on the Decepticon Battle Platform Zuska, Arcee tortures an unnamed Decepticon until he agrees to tell her where Banzaitron has taken the gestalts. Spotlight: Cyclonus She tracked them down, only to find the Dead Universe faction had activated Monstructor and taken him to places unknown, decimating the Decepticons. She agreed to assist the wounded Banzai-Tron in getting to the Monstructor-Six, reasoning it would lead to Jhiaxus... Spotlight: Hardhead

Arcee and the Decepticon Secret Service travelled to Rotan and assaulted the guardian Monstructor. For her part, Arcee went straight for the giant's Achilles, or more aptly Icepick, heel. Skram arrived with information she couldn't refuse, the whereabouts of Jhiaxus. Using the space bridge she travelled directly to Gorlam Prime where she personally 'disarmed' the mad scientist. Jhiaxus tried to flee but found his mini protectors slightly less than effective against the insane Autobot and also that the exit was blocked by the revenant Hardhead. Arcee discovered a wonderful new joy in spending eternity killing the undying scientist again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Spotlight: Sideswipe


Generation One[]

Despite her being a major character in the movie, no actual transforming toy of Arcee was ever made. Her package art only appears in a TV Magazine story page. Images of a hand-sculpted prototype have appeared in several Takara publications, but it appears the toy never progressed beyond that stage.


The Japanese Transformers Generations book shows a piece of concept artwork of the Headmaster Chromedome car in pink and white labeled "Arcee", a proposal for a redeco of the toy as Headmaster Arcee from "The Rebirth". (Presumably, then, this was a Hasbro-initiated idea.) The idea does not appear to have gone any farther.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Beast Machines[]

  • Transmetal 2 Arcee
    Arcee (Mega, 2001)
The very first true transforming Arcee toy is a redeco and minor retooling of the Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia, transforming into a malformed mish-mash of machine and organic parts in the form of a large spider. The spider-mode fangs become a grappling weapon for her robot mode which extend on a retractable string. The robot mode also features a spring-powered waist-swivel for "power kick" action. Arcee lacks the Blackarachnia toy's additional chest armor, and the oddly-placed holes in her... well, chest, that keep the armor in place.
Arcee was available only as an exclusive to BotCon 2001, and along with Tigatron were the first time since the inception of 3H that they were allowed to use pre-existing characters for convention exclusives. Arcee is also the first convention toy to feature retooling. Preorders received their Arcees with a bonus; the box contained a light-sensitive sound chip featuring voice actress Susan Blu's voice saying "Don't underestimate me, I'm more than just a pretty face. Arcee, MAXIMIZE!". These chips are VERY light-sensitive. Many won't shut up to this day.

Note: Arcee's packaging does not explicitly place her in the Beast Machines toyline; however, her box uses the Beast-Machines-era "Transformers" logo, and the character is placed on Beast-Machines-era Cybertron; by contrast, 2001's other BotCon exclusive, Tigatron, used a box with the Beast Wars name and Transformers logo.


A 6" transforming Arcee toy was designed and displayed at BotCon 2007, but its release has been canceled.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


Binaltech arcee toy

Manual tranny.

  • Arcee (2008)
    • Japanese ID number: BT-21
    • Accessories: Engine/gun
Arcee is a redeco of Alternators Decepticharge (himself a retool of Windcharger/Overdrive), using Honda's "Platinum White Pearl" for the car bodywork. The figure transforms into a "street performance" Honda S2000. Her hardtop roof can be removed for an open-top vehicle mode, and used as a shield in robot mode. The engine and driveshaft may be removed and used as a long-barreled rifle (as the toy is Japanese issue and not subject to the same issues that removed the long barrel from the Hasbro versions of the mold).
In spite of fan speculation, no retooling has been applied to the mold to enhance character resemblance or make her look less butch.
This mold was used as the base model for the non-toy car-form Legion.
And of course, she doesn't look at all like the character she is meant to be.

This watch violates the laws of time and space!
Collect them all!

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  • Arcee

Super Collection Figure[]

  • Arcee

Robot Heroes[]

  • Arcee vs. Rumble (2008)
According to the link on Hasbro's website this Rumble is Red


  • Super Hybrid Model (unreleased)



A G-G-Girl!

  • When asked about Arcee's design in an interview, Floro Dery's reply was, "Arcee is the naked mechanical equivalent of Princess Leia of Star Wars."[2] Well, that answers that question - while raising a whole bunch of others!
  • Arcee has the most romantic attachments of any Transformers character: Hot Rod in the movie, Marvel Comics and Dreamwave continuities, Springer after the movie, Chromedome in The Headmasters, and Bumblebee in Devil's Due continuity. Then there is the weird affection shown toward Daniel in "The Rebirth, Part 3", but most fans won't read too much into it, for their own sanity.
  • BotCon issued an exclusive comic in which Daniel Witwicky dies, and Arcee becomes a goth spider-thing. It's pretty clear her and Daniel had some strong feelings towards each other in that issue.
  • Arcee's character model was used to make the Paradron Medic, only without the shoulder-thingies.
  • In The Headmasters anime, some Headmasters think she is less attractive than the Statue of Liberty. Yes, really.

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  1. In the episode "Transmutate", Rattrap says, "What in the name of my great aunt Arcee is going on?". Later, in "Wreckers: Finale Part II", the two actually meet up and have a very awkward silence at each other.
  2. TransFormers Philippines: Interview With Floro Dery