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The name or term Arcee refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Arcee (disambiguation).

Arcee is very tender and true to her friends, but at the same time she is one of the toughest and deadliest warriors the Autobots have. She hates the Decepticons with all her heart, and deals them brutally every time she meets anyone. Optimus Prime is very worried about this, and tries never to leave her alone with the Decepticon prisoners. She has been through a lot and has been down many times. The most painful of which was losing her first partner at the hands of Airachnid which caused her to become saddened and tried to push everyone away, until Cliffjumper came along, helped her and became her new partner. So after his death, Arcee felt even more depressed until Jack Darby came along. Although Arcee and Jack didn't get along at first, she eventually came to appreciate his courage and determination to help the Autobots. With her accuracy with a blaster and skill with a blade, Arcee is Sarah Connor with wheels.

"Jack, really? There are other motorcycles in the world."
―Arcee consoles a nervous Jack after she is injured by Megatron.
"Now, if there's one thing I despise nearly as much as eight-leggers, its two-wheelers."
Starscream to Arcee.


Bumblebee at Tyger Pax story[]

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime comic[]

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime cartoon[]

Voice actress: Sumalee Montano (English), Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)

Arcee was originally part of Delta Team with Tailgate as her partner. During an unnamed battle, Arcee was attacked by Decepticons. Tailgate failed to take out a sniper at the artillery deposit, forcing her to fight hand to hand. She managed to get away but was captured by Airachnid. When she woke up, the spider bot scared and tortured her but soon realized that Arcee would not break. Airachnid's Vehicon troopers brought in a captured Tailgate and threatened to kill him if she did not supply the coordinates of an impending attack. Arcee claimed to not know them which provoked Airachnid to kill Tailgate, which put Arcee in a state of shock. Before Airachnid could try and kill her, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper stormed the joint, took out the guards and freed Arcee, but Airachnid was able to escape. Arcee then blamed herself for Tailgate's death. Predatory


Mourning over Cliffjumper.

Arcee was Cliffjumper's partner and friend as well. She arrived at Cliffjumper's location when she received a distress signal from him. However, it was too late, as Cliffjumper was already dead. Arcee spent the next few days chasing Decepticons. Darkness Rising Part 1

She eventually came into (accidental) contact with the human, Jack Darby while attempting to evade two Decepticons nicknamed the Twins. Jack admired Arcee's motorcycle form and accidentally attracted the attention of two hot girls in his class. Eventually, the Decepticon's spot her, prompting her to flee with Jack. who is returning home following a miserable day at his job in a Burger Joint. After ditching the Decepticons chasing them, Arcee left Jack in an alley after threatening him not to tell anyone about her and went to engage the Twins. However, she was immediately forced to come back for Jack who is being chased by the Second Twin. She saved Jack (inadvertently meeting the young Genius, Raf along the way) with the help of Bumblebee and Bulkhead and later dropped him at home. She then alerts Optimus Prime to the human's situation. Darkness Rising Part 1


The next day, she waited for Jack at his school as Optimus ordered her to bring the humans to him, so that he could arrange for their protection, as the Decepticons were going after anyone associated with the Autobots. She was accompanied by Bumblebee, who had come to transport Raf to Optimus. She is then spotted by Miko, a goth looking Japanese Girl who jumps at the opportunity to see a "giant talking robot". The five of them made it to the Autobot base. Darkness Rising Part 1

Originally, contemptuous of Jack, she eventually grew quite fond of him. Darkness Rising Part 1

The Autobots later came across Cliffjumper, who was revived as a Terrorcon by the Dark Energon. Arcee took this quite hard. She was eventually contaminated by Dark Energon, which the wounded Cliffjumper was spewing, and began to feel weak. She was later detoxified by Ratchet and is responsible for the Autobots' awareness of Megatron's use of Dark Energon. Darkness Rising Part 2


She and the other Autobots rescued Bulkhead, Miko, Jack and Raf from Decepticons following a botched mission. Darkness Rising Part 4

Later, when Jack left, disillusioned by the Autobots, she was responsible for convincing him to come back after confronting him at his school. Darkness Rising Part 5During their final battle against Megatron to stop him from using a space bridge to drop Dark Energon onto Cybertron and create a Terrorcon army from the corpses of the fallen buried on Cybertron following the Civil War which destroyed it, Arcee was severely wounded, ensuring the Autobots' victory. Darkness Rising Part 5

Prime-arcee, bumblebee&jack-s01e05-1

Arcee with her quote look.

Following their return to Earth, she was brought back from the brink of death by Jack, who holds her hand and tells her not to die on him. She, alongside the rest of the Autobots and Jack, Raf and Miko, looked on to face the future together — as a Team. Darkness Rising Part 5

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Con Job


Deus ex Machina

Speed Metal


Sick Mind

Out of His Head


Titan Magazines[]

Comics continuity[]



Tales of the Beast Hunters[]


War for Cybertron video game[]


Yes, I like this form.

Arcee is a scout class that is larger than other scouts. She transforms into a pink Cybertronian convertible vehicle. She can be seen in the mission: Kaon Prison Break; in her cell and directing escapees after she gets free from the all cell unlocking distraction. Transformers: War for Cybertron

Fall of Cyberton video game[]

In the fourth level, you can find a picture of Arcee. Eye of the Storm Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Universe online game[]

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Rise of the Dark Spark 3DS video game[]

Arcee with Cliffjumper and Hound went to steal the Dark Spark, but soon a group of Autobots had to fight with Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave. Striking the enemies, the Autobots continued on his way Turning the Tables. At the railway station detachment joined the waiting Optimus, Bumblebee and Jazz. Together Autobots dealt with a group of Insecticons, and then loaded on a train The Great Train Escape. When the train was blown up by the Decepticons, Arcee was at the head of a detachment of the Autobots, who tried to prevent the escape of the Decepticons with Dark spark. This attempt was unsuccessful After the Crash. Then the female followed the enemies in Kaon, where he headed one of the groups that attacked Bruticus Bruticus Awakens. As the Autobots was thinking what to do next, they were surrounded by many Decepticon drones. Then he returned Bruticus, and the Autobots were amazed at its size and power Bruticus on the Run, Part 1. However Arcee with the others went on the attack, resulting in a giant had to retreat because of the injuries Bruticus on the Run, Part 2. The Autobots caught up with him and smashed his enemy Battle With Bruticus. Rise of the Dark Spark (3DS)


Prime: First Edition[]

Deluxe Class[]

  • New York ComicCon Arcee (2011)
    • Accessories: 2 x Blades
An early release of a deluxe scaled Arcee figure in pink.
  • Arcee (2011)
    • Accessories: 2 x Blades
A general release of a deluxe scaled Arcee figure.

Prime: Robots in Disguise[]


  • Arcee (Legion, 2012)
    • Accessories:


  • Arcee (2012)
    • Acessories: Blaster, Sword





Concept art of War for Cybertron Arcee and her vehicle mode

  • She can be unlocked as a playable character by completing the Autobot part of in War for Cybertron game.
  • In the Kaon Prison Break chapter at the To the Dungeon checkpoint, where you're in the area with the clear roof, you can find Arcee examining her "fingernails" in one of the jail cells where the third squad of Decepticons emerge from.
  • In the same chapter, after you've freed most of the Autobots, she can be seen (through a hole in the ground) guiding the fleeing Autobots out of the prison.
  • Her special powers are a shockwave and the ability to cloak for a short period of time.

Concept art for the Prime cartoon Arcee and her vehicle mode

  • She seems to display stylized feminine body characteristics such as curvy hips and apparent breasts, though not as blatant as Blackaracnia or Thunderblast, who even had nipples. Interestingly, her toy's feminism is very dialed-down compared to her CGI model in the show, most notably a differently formed chest that looks less like breasts.
  • She is the first female Autobot (but not the first female Transformer) to be part of the regular at the beginning of the show.
  • She was once captured and tortured by Airachnid.
  • In "Darkness Rising", she is openly disturbed while comparing Cliffjumper's condition to "something from those con experiments during the war." This may be an early reference to her torture at Airachnid's hand, and may be indicative of a form of PTSD.
  • Her blade weapons bear a resemblance to those of Dino, albeit pointing the opposite direction.
  • Despite being dismissive of Jack at first, she has been seen to come to care for him greatly. Examples of this include when Airachnid begins to hunt Jack she becomes scared for his life and when Jack's mother questions why Jack needs to help Arcee with a diagnostic, Arcee becomes noticeably jealous. Metal Attraction
  • In the game War for Cybertron, she is a playable character in the Escalation mode. Her abilities are Cloaking and Shockwave, making her an excellent escape artist as a car, and a surprise master. Her two best weapons would probably be the chargeable Plasma Cannon and the Null Ray.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, during Chapter 4, a pin up poster of Arcee can be found in a room by the trash compactor.
  • Since Arcee transforms into a motorcycle, some fans believe that she is loosely based on Prowl, who was a 'cyberninja' (Who also turned into a motorcycle) from the Animated series, who died at the end of that series.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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