Arblus is a Lithonian from the Generation One continuity family.

"I'm the guy on the left. Those are my 15 seconds of fame."


The Transformers: The Movie

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Arblus was one of the few Lithonians quick enough to escape their home planet when Unicron arrived and began to feed. With his friend Kranix, he crashed on the planet Quintessa, where he was put to trial by the planet's inhabitants, the Quintessons. Not long thereafter, two other captives, Hot Rod and Kup, were being herded into cells just as Arblus's trial was reaching its end, and watched as he was sentenced and fed to the Sharkticons.

Note: It is commonly believed that the unfortunate Lithone who cries out Kranix's name as he is dragged back into Unicron's maw during the destruction of the planet is Arblus. This is not an illogical assumption, given that, even in the original script for the movie, Arblus was to die in Unicron's attack on Lithone, although in this case, he was to be dissolved by acidic mist. In the finished animation, however, the Lithone who is consumed by Unicron can be briefly glimpsed through his ship's windshield, and is not Arblus, while Arblus himself is later seen on Quintessa.


  • The character model for Arblus features a spaceship mode that has yet to be used in any fictional depiction of him.
  • Arblus and Kranix may not have been the only survivors to escape Lithone, as Lithonian character models are used often in the original cartoon and in the Marvel comics.

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