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Arachnid is a Predacon mobile fortress from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The titanic Arachnid was designed by Tarantulas to function as a gigantic mobile fortress for the Predacon forces on Earth. Powerful, well-armed, and able to shoot webs to capture Maximals who attempt to flee before him. Tarantulas based its artificial intelligence on his own personality program. Not surprisingly then, Arachnid's rudimentary mind quite enjoys the cruelty of playing with his Maximal prey.



  • Arachnid (Microverse playset, 1997)
Arachnid was released as part of the Microverse line, Hasbro’s miniatures line meant to compete with Galoob’s “Micro Machines” (before Hasbro’s purchase of Galoob). It transforms from a spider into a treaded base unit with a gun emplacement on a posable arm and gripper claws. Its abdomen opens up to reveal a landing strip and volcano-like hangar for two insectoid mini-vehicles. It came with two micro-figures, Megatron in his gator body and Razorbeast. This figures although not the best of molds, its somewhat sought after especially for hardcore Megatron collectors.
There are two variants; some use yellow plastic for the mini-vehicles and other accessories, while later releases use bright green plastic. Although the green variant looks much better.

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