Approach of the Demon Meteorite is the sixth episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on August 07, 1987 on Nippon TV.



Galvatron sends a gravity-warping meteor on a collision course with Cybertron, and only Daniel can save the day.


As the Aerialbots pilot a survey vessel back to Earth, they cross paths with a mysterious glowing meteorite that causes their craft to warp and twist out of shape. Alarmed, Ultra Magnus deploys the Technobots as a rescue team, but they are obstructed by Cyclonus and the Terrorcons, who reveal that the meteorite - nicknamed Metamorpho by Galvatron - is a Decepticon creation.

Off in space, the Autobot Headmasters head out in Battleship Maximus to destroy the meteorite, only to find that it resists their firepower. Unable to deter the meteorite, the team instead enters the battle on Earth, which has been joined by Galvatron, the Sweeps and the Throttlebots. During the fight, the over-eager Throttlebots sneak off in a shuttle to try and deal with the meteorite themselves, only to fall victim to its gravity-warping field. Realising that stopping Metamorpho will require a non-metallic agent, the Autobots request that one of their human allies plant bombs on the meteorite, but Spike is still recovering from wounds recently sustained in battle, and the healthy, athletic, uninjured Carly is too busy pouring Spike's coffee to lend a hand, either. This leaves only the reluctant Daniel to perform the task. After a manly talk about manly things and how to be a man from his father, Daniel agrees, and is suited up in a non-metallic spacesuit before leaving with Fortress. Daniel gets cold feet, but Fortress calms the boy with an impromptu bit of gurning, and Daniel makes the leap. Successfully getting inside the meteorite, he blows up its gravity engines, forcing the Decepticons to retreat, and returns to Athenia to be hailed a hero.


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  • When first assessing the threat of the meteorite, Jazz is missing his insignia.

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  • The Throttlebots really look like they die in this episode, but they turn up okay later in the series. It's unclear if they were retrieved and repaired, or if they managed to recover and retreat like the Aerialbots.
  • Daniel sure regresses mentally in this episode. He bawls like a colicky two-year-old, complete with flailing fists in the air as Fort Max holds him like he's got a full diaper (like Daniel has the full diaper, not Fort Max), and Fort makes silly faces to make him (Daniel) laugh. It's embarrassing.
  • The Sweeps make their first and only appearance in the Headmasters


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