Appearance!! The Final Godmaster is the thirty-first episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on November 29, 1988 on Nippon TV.



The final Godmaster Transtector turns up in possession of a young man named Clouder. But this particular Godmaster has a special ability which could spell the downfall of the Autobots...


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Videotaped footage of Grand Maximus and BlackZarak's battle on the surface of the moon, as well as the Autobots and Decepticons fighting at the British Motors factory, has made its way into the hands of the American Department of Defense. From there, it falls into the hands of a young man named Clouder, who has also discovered the final Godmaster Transtector within a cavern, out in the middle of a forest. Reviewing the tapes one last time to help him make up his mind, Clouder mounts a motorbike and heads out the cavern. Sitting in the cockpit of the Transtector, he removes the Master-Brace capsule and opens it, revealing two unique bracelets—one bearing the Autobot insignia, and the other branded with the Decepticon symbol. Holding the Decepticon bracelet up, Clouder declares the villains to be much cooler...

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At the Decepticon base, Giga informs his assembled subordinates that they will be temporarily relocating to an advance base on an island in the Pacific, to facilitate their search for the final Godmaster, which they believe is in North America. The Decepticons scramble and soon arrive on the island, where it turns out that the advance base is Overlord himself, transformed into his battle station configuration.

Meanwhile, up in the Rocky Mountains, Ginrai is engaged in some hard-core training when suddenly, his Transtector begins to drive off. Suspecting the Decepticons, he pursues it, only to discover that Shūta and Cab are responsible, having wanted to do a little training with his Transtector themselves.

Elsewhere in North America, Wilder, Cancer and Bullhorn are going about their task, grumbling all the way, when their search comes to an abrupt end. In the form of a giant robotic falcon wearing the Decepticon emblem, Clouder—now "Doubleclouder"—descends from the sky and introduces himself to the Headmaster Juniors, who bring him back to the Pacific island. Clouder is about to explain how his special Master-Braces work when suddenly, King Poseidon bursts out of the ground and mercilessly attacks him. Clouder transforms back to falcon mode and counterattacks, hoisting King Poseidon into the air and dangling him over the ocean. Ultimately, King Poseidon meets his usual fate as Clouder blasts his limbs off, but debris from their battle crashes into a cruise liner passing by below. Soon after the fight, it is revealed that Hydra was responsible for arranging King Poseidon's attack on Clouder, as a means of testing his power. Having impressed everyone, Clouder goes on to show off the power of his Autobot bracelet—which allows him to transform into an Autobot robot mode!

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In California, Diver picks up an SOS from the damaged cruise liner at the Ocean Research Institute, and alerts Ginrai to the situation. Ginrai summons the other Godmasters and Headmaster Juniors, and together with Diver, they all head for the island to save the ship's passengers. As they draw near, Overlord immediately opens fire on the airborne Ginrai, who merges with Godbomber to fight back while Diver and the others deal with the cruise ship. Before the Autobot Headmaster Juniors can reach their target, however, their path is blocked by the Decepticon Juniors, and Minerva is injured by a blast from Overlord. This is all part of Giga's plan to exploit Clouder's Autobot mode, however—the new Godmaster chooses this moment to appear on the battlefield in his robot mode, and carries Minerva to safety. Before any introductions can be made, Cancer plays his part in Giga's carefully-scripted drama and attacks Clouder, only to be "defeated". Ginrai, meanwhile, has his hands full dealing with Overlord's base mode, but uses his God Fire Guts attack to collapse a rocky outcropping on top of it, burying it. Overlord transforms back to robot mode, but as he is rising into the air, Ginrai shoots him from behind, forcing him to order a retreat. The Decepticons pull out and the ship passengers are saved... but Clouder is left behind, with the Autobots believing that they have gained a new comrade, entirely unaware of the wolf that now lurks in their fold...


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  • The dialogue really doesn't make it clear, but Clouder is presumably an agent of the Department of Defense. That's how he is able to view the video tapes, and, in the final episode of the series, how he is able to acquire an armored vehicle to aid in the battle at hand.
  • Although the Japanese Doubleclouder toy sports different colors to the American Doubledealer, the anime consistently depicts Doubleclouder in Doubledealer's colors.


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