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Apollo 11, was the first manned vehicle to land on Earth's Moon. It was piloted by Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong. The orbiter was piloted by Michael Collins.

"We're not alone are we?"
―Controller at Huston.
"No, sir. We are not alone."
―Buzz Aldrin in reply.


Dark of the Moon film

In 1969, the Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Canaveral, and the lunar lander craft, "Eagle", landed on the far side of the moon. Officially, it was to allow United States to beat the Soviet Union in regards to landing on the Moon. In actuality, it was because a cosmic object crashed on the Moon.


Two astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, were dispatched to investigate the crash site while keeping the investigation from the public by triggering a fake blackout. The astronauts discovered a lost Cybertronian ship, containing both a lost Autobot technology and, unknown to them at the time, its captain, Sentinel Prime. Upon discovering the bodies of several mechanical alien lifeforms, one of the Astronauts, shocked at the discovery of life other than their own in the universe, uttered " God." in surprise as he uncovered a face from the moon dust. They only had 21 minutes to investigate and only 30 minutes of oxygen, so they had to leave before they could look at every detail.

Upon achieving Splash-Down in the Atlantic Ocean, The astronauts handed over a silver brief case to an unknown agent. In this case is wreckage from the Ark. Dark of the Moon