This article is about Powermaster Optimus Prime's drone partner. For Ginrai's drone from Super-God Masterforce, see Godbomber.

Apex Bomber is an Autobot drone from the Generation One continuity family.
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The Heroic Apex Bomber What Bombs at Apex...YHEAH BABY!

Apex Bomber is Powermaster Optimus Prime's drone buddy. He is non-cognitive, but he responds to Prime's orders and can be commanded to "perform combat functions," whatever that may mean.[1] His standard alt-mode is just an extra trailer for Prime to tow around. But when Prime is in super robot mode, Apex Bomber can merge with him as Apex Armor.

He has been referred to as a "roller drone,"[2] which might mean that he is what became of Roller after Prime's Powermaster upgrade. However, as Apex Bomber has never appeared in any storylines (and Roller would reappear in Generation 2 anyway), this line of speculation is unconfirmed.


Generation One

  • Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor (2003)
When Hasbro re-released Optimus Prime's Powermaster toy in the Commemorative Series, it was simply a repackaging of Takara's earlier God Ginrai re-release, including Godbomber, which had only been sold in the Japanese market. In adapting the toy's presentation for an English-speaking audience, Hasbro was adding a whole new element to Prime's fiction, as Ginrai and Godbomber had nothing to do with Convoy. Thus did Godbomber become "Apex Bomber," which merged with Prime as "Apex Armor."


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