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As first Cybertron and then the universe come crashing down around him, Apelinq records his impressions.

Tales from the Beast Wars: Reaching the Omega Point > Apelinq's War Journals
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Get your stinking paws off my war journals.

Apelinq was a Squadron Commander of the Wreckers at the time of Megatron's return from the past. His journal entries reflect Apelinq's growing alarm at the beginning of Megatron's assault. He expresses frustration at the bureaucracy as Peace Marshals go missing. Then suddenly Megatron's paralyzing virus sweeps across the planet, and Apelinq survives by developing a "shield suit." He finds fellow Wrecker Rodimus, whose "somewhat… unique physiology" made him immune. Apelinq uses this information to create an inoculant against the virus.

When Primal Prime and his team of Maximals arrive from post-BW prehistoric Earth, Apelinq inoculates them. But they're attacked by the Vehicon Mirage, who plunges Apelinq into the same transwarp portal that Primal Prime and company had come through. Apelinq manages to dispatch Mirage, but not without losing track of his transfer interlink and antiviral program. However, he finds both and gets his bearings, secretly observing the Beast Wars while he waits for a "temporal polestar" that will allow his transfer interlink to reopen the transwarp portal he came through. Unfortunately, though, this only happens when Shokaract arrives, and he finds himself thrust into the middle of that Armageddon.

Items of Note

  • The War Journals, a series of brief text stories, were originally published online at, as part of the build-up to BotCon 2000. There were 20 entries total, tying into the ongoing convention-based story Reaching the Omega Point.
  • The events of the War Journals begin shortly before the Beast Machines cartoon, and continue during the show's early events. Later they jump to the era of the third-season Beast Wars cartoon.

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