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Apelinq is a Maximal from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Code Monkey get up, get coffee. Code Monkey go to job. Code Monkey have boring meeting with boring manager Rob.

A participant in the close of the Autobot/Decepticon wars, Apelinq turned to scientific research in Cybertron's new peacetime economy. But in due time, he was called by the Maximal government to lead the resurrection of Cybertron's legendary strike team, the Wreckers. Known for his genius battlefield tactics, Apelinq is a bot of ideas who would rather outwit his opponents than destroy them with brute force. His years in research have jaded him against more spiritual thinking. He doesn't trust mysticism. Apelinq tends to micromanage, to his detriment, and thanks to his solid confidence in his own abilities, can get in over his head.

Apelinq's years in scientific research have armed him well. He carries two impact maces of his own design. He is most famous for his Transfer interlink, an invention that can download digital objects into reality. The limitations of this technology are not yet known, though he uses this ability to achieve his favorite mode of transportation—through the skies on his "virtual digiboard."


Apelinq's War Journals

As the Maximal Elders silence and chaos erupts across Cybertron, Apelinq grew increasingly worried. Marshals were disappearing left and right and entire sections of populace began to go missing. After the source of the trouble was identified as Megatron, returning from the Beast Wars, Rodimus and the other Wreckers, sans Apelinq, were sent to put him down. Only Rodimus returned alive, his unique Matrix Templar physiology curiously immune to Megatron's virus.

Apelinq used Rodimus' physiology as a starting point for the creation of a countervirus, but suddenly, a new ship arrived through a low-altitude transwarp anomaly on Cybertron. While Rodimus and Apelinq investigated, finding the crew to be Primal Prime and the surviving troops of Primeval Dawn, the group was rushed by the Vehicon General Mirage. Apelinq and Mirage were thrown through the anomaly, landing on a strange organic planet. Apelinq disposed of Mirage, but was separated from the countervirus and his transfer interlink.

Apelinq found himself a captive observer of the Beast Wars. He kept a distance for a long duration, until he bore witness to a battle between Shokaract and the Covenant. He could stand by idle no longer, and Apelinq joined their battle.

The Omega Point

Apelinq survived this apocalyptic conflict, escaping back to his own era through a transwarp portal. Though the timeline and events of Omega Point were erased, Apelinq's memories of them remain.

Universe: The Wreckers


After Primal Prime and Ramulus saved Optimus Primal from some Tank Drones, Apelinq appeared and introduced himself to Optimus. He and the others were off to a meeting with the Oracle. A series of cryptic messages were given to the Maximals gathered, and a set of coordinates were beamed into Primal Prime's head. Prime ordered Apelinq to prepare their Autobot shuttle for launch. But just as they arrived, they were ambushed by hordes of Megatron's drones. Shouting the Wreckers' battle cry, Apelinq entered the fray. Backup arrived, and the group lifted off, escaping Cybertron for parts unknown. Departure

On board the shuttle, Apelinq, Arcee, and Ramulus rushed the injured Fractyl to the repair bay. Frustrated with the antiquated Autobot technology, Apelinq used his Transfer Interlink to create CatSCAN. The new medic was able to save Fractyl, but Apelinq was unable to dissolve CatSCAN as he normally would with his creations.

The Wreckers received a homing beacon and followed it to the surface of a planet. Apelinq, Primal Prime, CatSCAN, and Ramulus began a survey. CatSCAN got in some trouble with the locals and was attacked by Tap-Out. Apelinq jumped in to assist, but Glyph entered the scene to sort things out. Glyph and Tap-Out were the only survivors of a survey mission sent centuries ago by Rodimus Prime. They were looked after by the native Akalouthans while studying their culture.

These natives were expecting the Wreckers. According to prophesies, protectors would arrive to guard the Divine Light. Apelinq's analysis found the Divine Light to be a sort of battery, but with unusual properties. Intending to use the Divine Light to help get their shuttle back into space, the Wreckers were surprised to find their comrade Rotorbolt nearly off-line. Apelinq, Ramulus, and Devcon rushed to the Divine Light's chamber in time to witness the traitorous Cyclonus make off with the treasure. Betrayal

Saddened by the losses the Wreckers had suffered-all too reminiscent of the days of Megatron's takeover-Apelinq was comforted by Tigatron. He and Rodimus both expressed distaste with the mysterious nature of their mission from the Oracle as Primal Prime received yet another destination for them to visit. Landing on an icy planet, they found a Quintesson named Al-Badur, who treated Apelinq and his comrades to a short lesson on the Quintessons' history. From it, Apelinq and Primal were able to deduce that the Oracle was a shell program created by the Quintessons to cover Vector Sigma and prevent anyone on Cybertron from receiving Primus' direction through it as well as to deliver misleading information. Luckily, Vector Sigma has managed to penetrate the program to deliver accurate data to Primal Prime. Apelinq and the others then took Al-Badur back to their ship, fighting off a force of Quintessons armed with weapons that Apelinq recognized from years ago on Cybertron. Disclosure

Identifying the weapons as the work of Cryotek, whom he had met some years ago on Cybertron, Apelinq discovered a message implanted by an unknown Maximal within one of them. Decoded, it revealed that Cryotek was in alliance with the Quintessons and that both were planning to conquer Cybertron. Heading back, the group debated their course of action, but decided in the end that challenging Cryotek was essential. Apelinq joined Primal Prime, Ramulus, Tigatron, and Al-Badur in heading directly to Cryotek's location upon their arrival on Cybertron. By the time they arrived, however, Cryotek had already absorbed the power of the Divine Light, which he used to launch a seemingly fatal attack on Apelinq and Primal that melted them together. However, an appeal to Vector Sigma resulted in the two warriors merging: Apelinq and Primal Prime became Sentinel Maximus. Wreckers: Finale Part I

Fan Club Cybertron comics

Apelinq, now Hyperlinq, is never shown in his individual robot mode. He is only ever seen as the head of Sentinel Maximus, or in vehicle mode towing the "armored transport" around.


Beast Machines

  • Apelinq (Mega, 2000)
    • Accesories: Hand-cannon/thruster, 2 club-missiles
Apelinq is a redeco of the Beast Wars Mega Transmetal version of Optimus Primal, transforming into a robotic gorilla. He also has a third "transport" mode, where his robot legs unfold into a "virtual digiboard" for his gorilla form to ride. The thruster for the board becomes a handheld spring-loaded missile launcher, which uses Apelinq's twin maces for ammunition.
Apelinq was available as an exclusive toy to BotCon 2000.


  • Sentinel Maximus with Ape-Linq Mini-Con (Ultra, 2004)
A retooling of the Armada Mini-Con Roll-Out, Ape-Linq transforms into an armored personnel carrier capable of towing the larger "armored transport" mode of Sentinel Maximus. He also has a hand-held gun mode, plus forms the head and central torso of the combined Sentinel Maximus robot mode. His head was completely retooled to resemble a fully-mechanical version of the original Apelinq toy's noggin, plus the larger Sentinel Maximus robot head was given wholly-new tooling as well. Naturally, he was only available with Sentinel Maximus.
The set was a planned exclusive to OTFCC 2004, but was not produced in time for the show. After the convention license was revoked from 3H's ownership, Hasbro eventually mailed out the paid-for Sentinel Maximusses (Maximi?) in new packaging.


  • The original planned name for the Universe incarnation of Apelinq was Hyperlinq, which was printed on the proposed boxes shown at OTFCC 2004. However, when Hasbro created new packaging for the toy, they went with the name "Ape-Linq".

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