Apache is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Apache is second-in-command to Lio Convoy. He is a grizzled seasoned warrior who fights with every drop of emotion he can muster. Apache respects his commander like he was family, and will defend any decision he should make. He is also a very demanding officer and will accept nothing but the best from his soldiers. This no-nonsense attitude of his often brings him frustration with the fun-loving Jointron Brothers. Though an experienced, capable warrior and leader Apache doubts his own usefulness at times. This self-doubt leads him to question his own instincts and decisions and makes him more comfortable as a second-in-command than as the leader he could otherwise be. Though he tends to get depressed, he is still a powerful soldier who has yet to realize his true courage and power.


Beast Wars II and Neo animation

Voice actor: Sanryō Odaka (Japan)

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Beast Wars II manga

IDW Beast Wars comics

Lio Convoy's deputy officer even back before the Pax Cybertronia was signed, Apache continued to serve him as a member of the covert special ops. unit known as the Pack. When Lio received Razorbeast's distress signal he ordered Apache and the other Pack members to prepare to travel to Earth. The Ascending issue 2


  • Apache (Mega, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: C-12
    • Accessories: Spring-loaded missile launcher, 2 missiles
This toy is identical to B'Boom, transforming into a mandrill. His beast mode face has spring-activated features, with a revealed spring-loaded missile launcher in his mouth. This launcher becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode. He has a third "artillery station" mode that a Basic-sized toy can pilot.
  • Apache vs Megastorm (Vs pack, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-12
Apache was also available in a two-pack with the Predacon Megastorm. Both toys in this set are identical to their individually-packaged versions.
  • Apache (Mega, 1998)
A special contest-prize version of Apache in a kind of camo-green was given away as a prize from Comic Bom Bom magazine, as part of a "design a Cybertron" contest, along with new-color versions of all five main Maximals from the series. How many of these Apaches were awarded is unknown.


  • The notion that Apache is a drunkard as part of a Native American stereotype is untrue. While Beast Wars II is not above having horrible stereotypes, this isn't one of them. Apache does get drunk in the first episode of the cartoon, but that's in grief because he believes his actions have caused the death of Lio Convoy. He never gets drunk again in the cartoon, and never at all in the manga.
  • As B'Boom had already been well established in The Gathering, when Apache was set to appear, Don Figueroa wisely adjusted Apache's hairstyle into a mohawk to distinguish him from B'Boom. This is especially apparent in the scene where both have to help secure an Angolmois-infected Razorbeast. This was not the only time a design adjustment was necessary.

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