It's another Antillllllla sunrise...

Antilla is an ancient ringed planet which was the site of an early Autobot colonization effort. This colony was wiped out by the deadly plague known as Cosmic Rust.

Antilla is home to the adorable creatures known as Antilian bumble-puppies.


Cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

The Thirteenth Legion of Autobots, fleeing the wars of Cybertron, landed on Antilla. There, they founded a thriving colony. Eventually, however, they were all dead due to the malignant Cosmic Rust. Cosmic Rust


  • According to episode writer Paul Davids, the word Antilla comes from "the 'Antilles' -- always thought of as the inaccessible 'hinterland' in the days of the explorers" [1]. The Antilles are actually a series of islands in the Caribbean Sea, but their name in turn derives from Antillia, a "phantom island" that was supposedly in the Atlantic Ocean far west of Spain.
  • It was Davids' intent to portray Antilla as an "Autobot Atlantis", a "super-civilization that met its end". Outside of their Lightning Bug weapon, the society's relative advancement does not particularly come across.
  • The dialogue script for "Cosmic Rust" included additional information on the timing of the colony's founding. Two cut lines between Megatron and Starscream regarding an ancient Autobot inscription reveal the following:
"It says that the Thirteenth Legion of Autobots arrived here the first millennium after the creation of the Autobot Matrix."
"Which would make it about five hundred thousand years before we left for Earth."[2]
  • However, this does not line-up with the history of the Matrix that would later be revealed in "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4," which showed that the Matrix had existed for millions of years before the departure of the Ark and Nemesis from Cybertron.
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